: Moving, question about suspending my account

2008-12-15, 02:17 PM
So we might be moving soon, hopefully have sold our place.

We have Shaw internet/phone/tv.

We don't know when we will find our permanent home and when. It could be a few weeks or a couple of months. In the meantime we would be living with the inlaws.

Of course we want to keep our email going, we can access from the internet. But what about our account? Can it be suspended until we buy a house?

2008-12-15, 02:38 PM
Yes, I believe it can. My Mom-in-law snowbirds and has done just that for a small monthly fee ($9.95)?

2008-12-15, 03:42 PM
You can have your email accounts transferred to a friend's or relative's account indefinitely and at no charge. When you're ready, just have them transferred to your new account. You can access your email using WebMail.
When you call Shaw to have that done, you need both parties available so they can confirm account info, etc. I did this last year and Shaw doesn't have a problem with it.

Shaw Guru
2008-12-15, 04:29 PM
If you have phone services you may want to snowbird that as well. If you cancel then you will not be able to get that number back. Snowbirding allows you to keep email and even voicemail active. You just need a return date and that date can be changed with at least a week or 2 notice.

2008-12-15, 06:58 PM
I was hoping for something that would tug at my heart strings when you said this would be a moving question, but I guess I misread it. Out of curiosity, is that what Shaw's internal term is for that sort of thing: "Snowbirding"?

2008-12-15, 07:05 PM
Not that I know of. My reference was about a retiree heading south and suspending service for that duration.

Shaw Guru
2008-12-16, 12:09 PM
Shaw calls it a Temporary Change In Service. (TCIS for short)

2008-12-16, 01:44 PM
Thanks for the replies. We'll I'll just tell them what we are doing and they should be able to accomodate us. I'll like to keep the same number too.

2008-12-16, 01:52 PM
Give them a call they have the TCIS option for the winter and other reasons. You can keep email and Voicemail active and not lose your number.

2008-12-17, 04:48 PM
Just talked to Shaw.

They will have to come and get our phone modem when we move. Since we are moving out of the area we cannot keep our current phone number.

My emails will go to another shaw users account.

2008-12-17, 06:54 PM
Different area code? If not, I'm surprised that you cannot retain your number.

Shaw Guru
2008-12-18, 11:39 AM
Calgary has 1 exchange for almost all of the city however several other areas have smaller exchange areas. For landline service if you are moving out of the exchange you cannot keep your phone number even with Telus from the info I have seen..