: an issue with brand new sharp lc46d85u

2008-12-13, 09:48 PM
heya, been reading this forum for a while, but never had a reason to post until now. i just bought a sharp aquos lc46d85u from future shop two days ago.

and i bought a ps3. early christmas for me! anyways, i left the tv on for about 20 minutes after turning off the ps3, and i saw the weirdest thing on the screen

there were these light blue smudge-y looking marks on the inside of the screen. i took a picture with my cellphone and have attached it.

ive searched around and can't figure out what this is. is it something to worry about? i have 30 days to take the tv back and exchange it for another one...

i really like it otherwise!

cheers, and thanks in advance!

this is the picture of what it looks like


2008-12-15, 12:10 PM
Take it back. You should see nothing like that inside your screen

2008-12-15, 04:19 PM
I agree 100% with Hugh, that is not how a new LCD should be.

Let us know how you go on with the exchange, please, and any explanations the store may have as to what caused it.