: DVE -BD - Basics

2008-12-12, 01:04 PM
I was running the DVE BD basics for set up of my Pioneer BD 51 to my 6010 1080P kuro plasma. It is going through an integra AVR (HDMI 1.1).
All went well until I hit the pixel phase count pattern.
It is a screen with six rectangular patterns (blocks) on a grey back ground and the instructions tells you that it shows how well a tv running a 1080i pattern translates it to a 1080p set. It also says that you should not experience any "screen door effect" if your system is handling this properly.

Now, what I don't know is why the pattern is even listed in this disk when I am calibrating a source that is 1080p/24. ie DVE BD disk.no info ever in 1080i on this disk:confused:, at least that is what my Pioneer Bd 51 is confirming when reading the info on this pattern.

Can someone shed some light on this.