: are there any 37" plasma tvs?

2008-12-05, 03:46 PM

I'm looking at getting a new tv. Unfortunately, due to space constraints I don't think I can get anything bigger than a 37". I've always been more impressed when viewing demo plasma tvs as opposed to lcd tvs. I don't think I've ever seen and plasma tvs under 42" though. FWIW, the tv is also used for some wii gaming and I can image some computer/web browsing (maybe from a PC or a media extender).


2008-12-05, 06:45 PM
Depending on which make/model you get, the 42" will only be slightly larger than a 37".

Panasonic used to make a 37" plasma (my sister has one) but they don't show that size on the website anymore.

2008-12-05, 10:53 PM
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2008-12-05, 10:55 PM
Don't think theres any current 37" plasmas. But you could always try something like a Panasonic lcd. The make some great and highly rated lcd' s in that size ( LX85 and LX800). The LX800 is a more expensive than the 85 but it has motion focus technology ( simulates 120hz) and a glass screen (like plasma). Its the closest i've seen an lcd come in comparison to plasma with regards to deep blacks and colors.