: Shaw Winnipeg Promotion on DCT2500's

2003-12-11, 01:55 PM
This year at Shaw Winnipeg there are two specials on DCT2500's;

1. FOR CURRENT DIGITAL CUSTOMERS; get a DCT2500 for $99.95 (savings of $100.00) (I am not sure but you might also get 2 Free PPV Coupons).

2. FOR NEW DIGITAL CUSTOMERS; get a DCT2500 for $59.88 and receive 12 free PPV Movie Coupons ( valued at 59.88 ), and also get one month of all digital pick n pay channels for free. Also get the rest of the NFL Sunday ticket season for free. :D

If you want the box installed professionally, it will cost you 29.95 but you can easliy hook it up by yourself for free.

This promotion is only available to customers in the Winnipeg City limits and not available throughout Manitoba.

You must call Shaw and talk to someone about this deal before you can go to Kildonan Place or 22 Scurfield to pick it up. The person on the phone also said to specify which box you want because the Tech's or retail locations may only have DCT2000's and you might get a DCT2000 if you don't specify when you order.

(I haven't found out how long this promotion is going on for, but I will add the promotion period to this posting when I find out more.)

2003-12-14, 09:51 PM
Want the Premiere Entertainment Package (44.95) but you don't like Tiers 1,2, or 3, then get rid of them and have basic cable, and 4 us supersations, Star TV, 40 channels of commercial free music, Family and Teletoon, US Timeshifts - PBS, FOX, ABC, NBC, and CBS all for the monthly price of $21.00.

2003-12-21, 01:07 AM
They haven't set an end date on this promotion, like always they will see how it pans out. For example when Shaw modems were discounted from $300 to 59.95 (savings of $240) that was supposed to be temporary, but now its regular price, but they still use the phrase "savings of $240 dollars"