: Veiwsonic N2752W

2008-11-29, 08:17 PM
I bought this TV last year for the bedroom and had my old Bell 2700 receiver hooked up to it via S-video and RCA for Sound. I have since upgraded and put my 6100 with this TV. Problem is that this TV (for some reason) has no RCA jack associated with the HDMI in, so I cannot hook it up because the 6100 is DVI. If I use a DVI to HDMI cable, I have no Sound. Is there some sort of adapter that can be used? I don't think so, but I thougt I would ask just in case.

The other issue is that I have it connected now, by Componant Video and it works ok, but the volume control on the bell remote doesn't work. I have to use the TV remote to control the volume. anybody know why?

Thanks in advance!

2008-11-29, 08:33 PM
It may sound totally off to space but you can always consider getting a Harmony. Viewsonic is a PITA for preset universal remotes but the Harmonies can tame them no problem.