: Forbes' List of 15 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying An HDTV

2008-11-29, 11:24 AM
Thinking of buying a new television ? Be smart and ask these questions.
1.What HDTV Do Your Friends Own?
2.How Big Is Your Room?
3.How Does The 'Aspect Ratio' Affect Screen Size?
4.What Deals Are Offered Online?
5.What Is The Store Trying To Sell?
6.What HDTV Technology Is Right For You?
7.How Does In-Store Lighting Affect What You See?
8.How Are The TVs On Display Connected To A Video Source?
9.Can You Play With the HDTV Display Settings?
10.Does '120Hz' matter?
11.How Will You Get Your Prize Home?
12.What's The Retailer's Return Policy?
13.What 'Resolution' Do You Need?
14.Who Pays The Salesperson?
15.How Much Energy Does Your HDTV Need?

More see : 15 Questions You Must Ask Before Buying An HDTV (http://www.mr-gizmo.com/2008/11/19/15-questions-you-must-ask-before-buying-an-hdtv/)

2008-11-29, 10:47 PM
and what about contrast ratios, refresh rates, how many hdmi inputs
how does it display standard def (some lcds just really suck in this area)
I have a DLP Led & a LCD the dlp blows the LCD away with standard def
it actually looks HD Quality on the DLP one.
and of course how much will it cost. compared to this one or that one

2008-11-30, 06:43 PM
Another point which is commonly overlooked but very important in my books is viewing angles. Does the TV have good viewing angles? Especially important if your buying an LCD.