: Need a new HDTV

2008-11-28, 09:57 PM
Im looking to upgrade from my 20" tube that ive owned for awhile and need some advice on whats good out there. So far i figured i would like at least a 40"+ and probably LCD, from what ive heard its better for gameing consoles and my Xbox 360 looks like crap on my current tv but ill be playing alot once i get my bigscreen :). Also i would like to be able to hook up my computer into it if thats possible to watch movies and such. Oh and uhh 1080 or 720 which would be better for a guy who likes his games if it makes a diffrence at all.

2008-11-28, 10:33 PM
We have lots lots of good discussion threads discussing what to buy this holiday season such as these two.


This thread is excellent for newcomers to hdtv

I recommend you look around and please ask any further questions in existing threads!