: Smart Stretch capability

2008-11-27, 02:46 PM

My 3-4 year old Sharp 32" LCD has a 'smart stretch' setting which tries to proportionally stretch a 4:3 TV signal to fit a 16:9 screen. It does a relatively good job of it with images not looking ridiculously overstretched.

Does the current Sharp offerings have the same function? And because I am looking at other brands too...does Samsung, Panny or Sony offer a smart stretch too?

Thank in advance


2008-11-27, 03:14 PM
They all have similar features, some work better than others. Personally I can't stand any of them and on the odd occassion (amazing race) I have to watch HD I keep the bars.

Best thing to do is check the feature on any set you want to buy to see if its acceptable for you!

2008-11-27, 04:04 PM
Most Samsungs do not have a non-linear stretch. Panasonic and Sony have a non-linear stretch, however, on some it's limited to the SD signals and not available on HD signals - depends on the make/model of the TV.

However, on an LCD there is no reason to stretch 4:3 signals (no burn in concerns), therefore I'd recommend that you watch 4:3 as 4:3 for the best picture quality and no distortion.

See the following post, useful for those new to the forum:


Here's the post on WS stretch modes:


2008-11-27, 10:13 PM
I am quite happy with my new Samsung 1080p plasma.
I was very surprised to find out how limited the stretch modes are.

For DTV (ATSC) - there is a wide mode which is great to stretch 4:3 to fill the screen. Many manufacturers (like my LG plasma) do not do it.

For SD content, the Sammy only does 16:9 linear stretch which I don't like but I have to use. Ridiculously, there are two vertical stretch modes, one more or less just blow up so a 1.78:1 letterbox and will almost fit the whole screen which is good and the aspect ratio is almost correct again. The other vertical stretch mode stretches 2.35:1 to fill the whole screen that I find ridiculous to use. It is more of a anti burnt-in feature than for viewing.

My LG plasma has good SD stretch modes. I love the HORIZON non-linear mode for default use. Mode1 (1.78:1 vertical stretch) is great for letterbox. Mode2 is an in-between linear stretch/crop.

I played with a couple of 2nd tier brand as well and the stretch mode are generally not as good.

2008-11-27, 11:51 PM
Current LG models, both Plasma and LCD, no longer offer 'Horizon' mode.

2008-11-28, 12:01 PM
Current LG models, both Plasma and LCD, no longer offer 'Horizon' mode.
That really sucks and I wonder why...

Of my 2 plasmas, the LG does a better job for SD content than the Samsung, both in picture quality and stretch modes (I like the Horizon mode).

The Sammy has the HD DTV wide stretch that rules, plus a better ATSC tuner with guide.