: Optical Audio Out from Sony LCD

2008-11-27, 01:04 PM
I've been fooling around w/ this set-up a bit and it doesn't seem to work.

I have an optical audio out from on my Sony LCD. I have never used it before since I have been connecting my DVD player's optical audio out and the STB digital audio out directly to the AV receiver. The pictue on both the STB and DVD are via HDMI cables.

Now I have a third device I want to connect via HDMI to the TV. We just picked up an XBOX 360 which has HDMI out. But I want the sound to be in DD5.1 and the XBOX does not have an optical or digital audio out. I thought since all three device are connected to the TV via HDMI I could then use the optical audio out from the TV to the AV receiver.

I popped in a DD5.1 DVD first. Sound came out of the AV receiver but it was not in DD5.1. I tried this w/ the STB too and got the same thing. I then connected the DVD player's optical audio out directly to the AV receiver and got DD5.1 again from the DVD.

So it appears as if the TV's optical audio out is not processing DD5.1. How am I supposed to get DD5.1 from the XBOX then???? I did see something on the XBOX website about some sort of adaptor but really don't want to spend more $$. The main purpose of the XBOX is to use as a media extender but I'm sure we'll be playing some games.

Should this set-up work???? What am I missing??

2008-11-27, 01:11 PM
What is the model # of your TV?

2008-11-27, 01:27 PM
So it appears as if the TV's optical audio out is not processing DD5.1

Optical audio out on a TV only works for OTA digital broadcasts with 5.1 encoded, no?

Or in other words, you cannot go "through" the TV to achieve 5.1 audio.

2008-11-27, 01:50 PM
The TV was purchased a year ago...it's Sony KDL-46W3000.

I looked at the manual and it just shows connecting the optial audio out to a AV system. It doesn't explain it's functions.

The AV receiver is older. It has no HDMI in and only one optical audio in and one digital audio in. This is why I was hoping to use the TV as an "audio splitter".

2008-11-27, 02:13 PM
The owner's manual is a little thin on detail, but it does make it seem as though a DD5.1 input stream will be passed through to the optical output. Is it possible that you haven't correctly adjusted settings on the DVD player and STB to output digital audio through their HDMI outputs instead of their digital audio outputs?

You may also want to try turning on the AVR before the other components - it seems that the order of powering things up sometimes plays a role in whether or not the "handshakes" work.

2008-11-27, 02:38 PM
That could be it.

I'll have a look at the set-ups and let you know. Fingers crossed!

2008-11-27, 02:46 PM
The optical out on the Sony is strictly for the ATSC tuner for OTA local digital broadcasts.....it will not work on any other source.

2008-11-27, 02:52 PM
Which, it seems, would explain the following line from the owner's manual that I failed to clue in on:Dolby Digital Audio signal from the HDMI input will be output as PCM.

2008-11-27, 03:10 PM
I guess that's it then.

I changed the audio set-up on the STB to no avail.

Not sure if this should be asked here, but how am I going to get DD5.1 out of the XBOX 360 if it only has HDMI out? I'll have a look at the XBOX forums.

Thanks for the help!

jean luc picard
2008-11-27, 03:13 PM
there aren't too many tv's that pass through audio. you're going to need the xbox optical adapter and an optical switcher. i'd wager you can find them online for cheap.

2008-11-27, 03:22 PM
I had no idea there was such a thing as an optical switcher.

Great advice! I'll look into it.

2008-11-27, 03:23 PM
If that is true that the XBOX only has HDMI and no other sound output (optical/digital/composite) then you will need the adapter to output the XBOX sound through the AVR....you could just plug the HDMI to an input on the TV HDMI in and listen to the TV speakers while using the XBOX or buy another AVR with HDMI....so the adapter is the cheapest method....

2008-11-27, 03:55 PM
1. Here's the FAQ on the topic. You cannot typically go "through" the TV and maintain DD5.1

http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=17870 See the bolding.

2. The TV's operating manual clearly states on page 13, item 8 that HDMI input will be changed to PCM (2.0)

3. I'm pretty sure there's an optical or coaxial connection somehow available on the 360.

4. See the following post, useful for those new to the forum:


5. You can purchase an optical "combiner/splitter" for a few $ (under $10). This will work provided both items are capable of turning the optical signal off, when the devices are off. This is true of DVD players, but is not true of the STBs, since the optical port is usually "always on" even with the STB off, which is really standby. The combiner/splitter is less expensive than a switch, provided it can be used. Switches can be manual or remote control operated, with the latter being more expensive, but if you have a Harmony remote, you could include that into the "activity".

2008-12-04, 06:13 PM
have you tried the xbox with strictly hdmi? i was under the impression that you needed the dongle that comes with the hdmi kit plugged in or your xbox will randomly shut off. you should check into that if you already havent.......

2008-12-07, 01:12 PM
On a similar topic, is there a list of TVs that support HDMI passthrough to SPDIF?

Or is there something specific in all specification/manuals that explicitly state this feature?

2008-12-07, 03:43 PM
Unless you can find specific information on a model that states that it does passthrough DD5.1 signals, you can assume that it doesn't.

2009-01-06, 12:40 PM
Could be wrong, but I think you need this cable to get optical audio from your xbox 360...

2009-01-06, 03:23 PM
I can verify that my Vizio VO42FL does *not* do this. I get stereo and what seems like Pro Logic surround via the optical output from the TV (Xbox <- HDMI -> TV <- Toslink -> Receiver). The only way to get optical DD5.1 from Xbox is optical directly from the AV interface using the original cable butchered or the cable pictured in the post above.

Microsoft clearly made the plastic casing on their component cabling connect interfere with the HDMI port. If you remove the plastic you can hook up the optical out. Alternatively look for a cheapo 3rd party connector and butcher that (that is my plan).