: Worse picture with a digital HD box?

2008-11-25, 09:06 AM
Hello guys....

I have a problem with my HD box that I never had with my digital box. All of my HD channels that are offered with my cable company are very clear and crisp. Although, the 2 to 69 channels leave much to be desired!
They are at their worst especially during a live feed of a football game. I see all sorts of edges and descrepencies specifically on the players and field. When it cuts back to commercial, it is not perfect, but it is much better. The cable tech has come out and says that the signal is fine, nothing he can do.

I have a Motorola 6416 HD box that is connected through HDMI port. Any help on what I can do to improve this is appreciated.

2008-11-25, 10:09 AM
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A proper setup of the STB may be required (the 4:3 override should likely be set to 480i or 480P since the TV usually upconverts better than the STB, but this may introduce issues with HDMI, so you may wish to try component video cables. Also, since you changed the input on your TV, that input should be properly optimized - take off the default mode, reduce sharpness, turn off edge enhancements, etc.

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