: Philips 52" LCD tv..

2008-11-22, 08:44 PM
i just bought a Philips LCD tv and have my Sattelite System hooked up to it..I have installed a set of Component Cables and my Tv seems a little distorted..Its alright when the picture is still,,but when there is movement as in a hockey game..the players seem distorted..or the Tv seems like its not Focused..here is the Specs on the TV..

Philips 52" LCD tv...1080p with Pixel Plus HD.

2008-11-22, 09:26 PM
I just got mine set up. same as yours I think. I used an hdmi cable with a DVI end to get the set top box hooked to it. I watched a football game earleir and didn't notice distortion. I do have compression artefacts and the picture seems a tiny bit over sharpened on stqadard def TV. things are a lot better in HD though. i'm pretty happy wit it the way it is but I haven't begun to tweak yet.. I think what your seeing maybe be blurr from the movement of the players on an LCD. football is alittle slower paced and there isn't that very high contrast between players and ice surface. I imagine that would really show the blur.

2008-11-23, 12:07 AM
A proper setup of the TV may help some, see the following post on that topic, however, as mentioned above, when there is a lot of movement on screen, you may see motion blur, or compression artifacts.

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2008-11-23, 01:17 AM
this TV has a number of images that are built in with a split in the middle. the idea is to chose the left or right half of the image based on preference and the tv sets itself up The images show colour with high and low contrast and scenes with lots of detail and high contrast. is this sufficient to set the TV properly for the ambient light in the room? also there is a sensor on the front of the tv that vary's the intensity for the changing conditions between daytime and night time. the diference it makes in the picture is kind of subtle though.

One this i have noticed now that I've wqatched some SD and HD tv is there is a lot of noise in certain scenes but a lot less in the same type of scene on HD feeds. there is noise reduction somewhere in the menus but I don;t knwo if it's better to live with some of the noise or crank up the NR. won't the NR cause a loss of details?