: Plasma or LCD for a sunny room?

2008-11-22, 12:16 AM
I'm pretty new to this stuff, just starting to look. I have thought an LCD HDTV would be best for our living room. Our living room faces south, and is well lit. Our TV would be facing north-west. On our current 18 yr old tube TV, we have to close our dark drapes if we want to watch TV during a bright day because we just can't see the picture.

We were looking at either a 46 or 52 inch TV. It would be used with a Starchoice receiver, which we will also be getting new. (Our current one is 10 years old and working fine, but of course, no HD channels are available with it.) We don't watch a lot of sports, mainly movies and TV shows. TV is watched during the day sometimes as well as in the evening. We do have a DVD player, but it is used very little. There won't be any gaming used with this TV.

We're looking at plasma TV's now because there is such a price difference, mainly, but I had been favoring LCD's because of what I had heard about their superior performance in brightly lit rooms, and 'go for 120 Hz and 1080P' was the recommendation with that.

Why is that? Why are plasma TV's less expensive? Are LCD's so much better in some way, or is the pricing just due to LCD being newer technology?

And if we get a plasma TV with some kind of anti-glare feature, would it be just fine in our bright living room?

We frequently watch news shows with crawlers and tickers. So burn in would be a concern with the plasma TV's, correct?

I apologize if this has been discussed already, but I've been looking around the forum and I can't find any discussion about the performance of plasma tv's in bright rooms.

We've had our RCA tube TV for 18 years now, as I've said, and never a problem with it, other than that the picture is probably rather faded, or maybe we just see it that way now, after looking at flat panel HDTV's, whose pictures just pop, they're so bright. Oh, and we were watching a movie with a snow scene and we saw the word 'mute' burned into the bottom left corner, so I guess after all these years, we've finally had some burn in on our old TV, but this is the only time we ever noticed it. I guess we're looking for a new TV that would be just as long lasting as the trusty old RCA.

Any input appreciated. :)

2008-11-22, 12:33 AM
Please read the following extensive discussion on Plasma vs LCD:


Please also see the following post, useful for those new to the forum. There are several useful links there, including burn-in, optimization, etc, along with tips on how to search.


2008-11-22, 02:44 AM
Either set with an anti-glare screen would work fine in a sunny room. Both are very good--it comes down to personal preference and how much you want to spend. The best advice I can give you is to stick with a brand name you are familiar with--you get what you pay for.

2008-11-24, 06:42 PM
Since moving the 42" plasma up to the bedroom, the very occasionally glare is a issue for me. For you, it will not be worse than the effect on your current tube TV and LCD will probably look a little better in this viewing condition.

1080p and 120Hz have nothing to do with viewing condition. Plasma generally has better SD rendition but you have to be sensible in your viewing habit.

You do have a tough one to decide - if I were you, I'd go for an LCD (doesn't have to be the most expensive one) and this is from a person with 2 plasmas:p

2008-11-25, 12:34 PM
The sunlight was always an issue, my 36" tube tv made it difficult to watch durring the day. The tv about is about 20 feet and faces a 6 foot high by 12 foot wide south facing window. After a lot of reading and price watching I purchased the Sony 46Z4100 LCD and I'm very pleased with it. I can read the Saturday morning paper and watch tv when the car shows come on the speed channel. Life is good! LCD was the way to go for me! :)