: Vesa wall mount sizes

2008-11-21, 12:13 AM
Picked up my first LCD flat tv today. it's a Phillips 52" and had to get a wall mount for it from somewhere else., I think I made a mistake and want to be sure I have everything right before I unpack anything. The TV specs call for a Vesa 400x400 mount. the bracket set I bought came from MonsterCable which in my research for this TV on this site comes up as a popular brand. my trouble is the carton indicates the mount is for 37-60" TV's 200lbs max. but elsewhere on the carton is says vesa

and I'm unsure of the mixture in the way the standard (vesa standard) is being notated in the packaging and manuals.

If the notation for a vesa mount is supposed to be 400x400 for example then does 400/800 mean 400x400 and 800x800 or is this 400x800? I am assuming this is correct and the 400/800 means the 400x400 will work. Also is this really that big a deal? if the pattern is supposed to be square and what you have is mismatched then couldn't it just use an adapter plate to make them fit?

2008-11-21, 08:11 AM
A google or two found this:

SmartView FS M300-LT FlatScreen Wall Mount Includes:
37" to 60" LCD and Plasma TVs
Certifications & Standards:
VESA 100
VESA 200
VESA 400
VESA 800

From that, I would suspect that they think they're being clever by saying "Vesa 400" instead of "Vesa 400x400". So, if you see one number, you assume its square, and if you see two numbers its probably rectangular.

So, based on that, your carton means the following:


2008-11-21, 06:43 PM
I agree... I guess i'll find out for sure here shortly. it's OK to be cute when your talking about your marketing names and brands but if your quoting a standard then it makes confusion.