: Phillips WOWvx = No glasses 3D

2008-11-20, 02:45 AM
Phillips has created a flat screen capable of displaying 3D without the need of any glasses.

Listed in popular mechanics as going for $12000 for a 42" display they are geared toward business displays and advertising, but with competition and time prices will inevitably fall to average home consumer levels.

With so many upcoming movies shot in 3D, and devices that can process depth into 2D shows it seems 3d is the future! Has anyone seen one of these? I'm curious if the viewing angles for the 3d effect are as good as they say. (And if it works as good as glasses 3d)



2008-11-20, 03:32 AM
After looking into this some more I guess the effect really is incredible... there are several youtube videos:

A good one: (crappy music though... turn off the sound)
Phillips 3D display mall demonstration (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=related&v=PEiZFKcM5Gs)

Notice several people try to reach out and grab the picture!

2008-11-27, 07:20 AM
I had a chance to see one at a trade show back in the summer. Yes, the 3d effect was good, but overall it has a long way to go as a tv.