: Is the company GFM worth it?

Darth Daddy
2008-11-19, 09:13 AM
I live near the United States, and coming up is the annual Black Friday sale event. At Meijer's, they will have the following TV for sale. Any thoughts? I never heard of GFM. I am worried about the brand name and not sure what to do. The price is right, and the size is good for my room. Any advice or suggestions is welcome, good or bad!

GFM 42" Widescreen Plasma HDTV

2008-11-19, 09:18 AM
There are only 5 manufacturers of Plasma for consumers (Samsung, LGE, Hitachi, Panasonic and Pioneer which is soon to be gone)

About a 99% chance that the set is a rebranded LG or Samsung panel.

2008-11-20, 06:29 PM
Hugh, what do you mean "Pioneer soon to be gone"? I'm looking at buying a Kuro 50 inch plasma, and I'd like to know that Pioneer will still be around.

2008-11-21, 12:33 AM
Pioneer will no longer be making the actual panels (i.e. the glass/gas part) they use.

They struck a deal with Panasonic who will now make the panels and Pioneer will continue to make units with their own electronics.

2008-11-21, 07:39 AM
Sorry, I worded that poorly. jvincent is correct. When I said gone, I meant gone from manufacturing from PDPs (plasma display panels). In 2009, Pioneer plasma panels will be made by Panasonic and Pioneer LCD panels will be made by Sharp.

2008-11-21, 10:48 AM
So, do you recommend the GFM 42" Widescreen Plasma HDTV?

Darth Daddy
2008-11-21, 11:31 AM
Thanks for the info, still not sure if the 42" is worth buying based on the first post in this thread?

2008-11-21, 12:07 PM
Well GFM is an-house brand so the quality will likely be like there other in house products.

Are other Meijer's in-house products good quality?

Darth Daddy
2008-11-21, 01:10 PM

Not sure about their products, I would compare them to Walmart. If I understand you correctly, if GFM is re branded by one of the BIG 5 companies, then it should be good?

2008-11-25, 11:42 AM
Just to clarify...Pioneer & Elite panels will still be sold. Panasonic is taking care of the glass portion. The processing is still Pioneer. This is key of course...Sony LCDs glass is either Sharp or Samsung...Sony builds the guts. The XBR is arguably the best LCD out there.

Pioneer was on the brink of a hostile takeover (very small electronics company in the grand scheme), so the deal with Panasonic will save the brand. Gotta figure the much superior technology of the Pioneer/Elite panels will bleed into Panny TVs as well...mucho beneficial!

2008-11-25, 02:52 PM
Just aheads up. I know somebody who works at Meijer, and they say the GFM 42" is not the best. A lot of returns on them for early breakdowns. I was lucky though and got a 42" Pioneer from Meijer for $499 at the Oswego Location. And then got an additional 25% of that for coupons. So I bought the 5 year extended warranty with the extra savings. Anyway, be careful and check online any complaints for any GFM products since the are considered low end products.

2008-11-25, 08:43 PM
All I can say is that I bought a gfm brand 26" LCD TV last Christmas and the picture quality is very good - best picture in the house of 8 TV's. It looks very stylish as well. I'm not sure which of the big name brands actually makes it, but I'd buy another one without hesitation (if I needed another one :cool: ) $499 for a 42" plasma sounds like a great deal to me. I think Meijer offers an extended warranty program too, but not positive.