: Sharp LC-32SB21U

2008-11-17, 01:40 AM
Any feedback on this model?

2008-11-18, 12:04 AM
I bought one at Costco in the US last month for our place down there. Only used it for a few days before coming home but can give some limited feedback.

1. Lots of input options - I believe it has 3 HDMI inputs plus the usual ones.
2. TV is used on standard cable - no digital or HD. But the picture was very good for SD broadcasts, better than I've seen on many models. Their Intelligent Zoom setting (I think that's the right name) did an acceptable job of stretching SD channels to fill the screen - I didn't find the stretched picture distracting at all - first time in my limited experience with LCD TVs that I've been happy with a stretched picture. Note that quality of the broadcast matters - some channels had far superior picture than others and it was very noticable. No channel was unwatchable but some were definitely much better than others.
3. Sound seems ok - didn't jump out at me as being fantastic. One channel had an annoying habit of flipping between mono and stereo and I could not find a way to force the TV into mono mode.

In short, I was happy with it in my short time actually using it.