: New Plasma technology?

2008-11-16, 10:03 PM

I would for someone to confirm the following rumour that I have heard. Next year in 2009 there is a new Plasma technology coming out. Does anyone know about this and can provide more informaiton? Will this lower the price of the existing plasmas on the market?


2008-11-16, 10:21 PM
You may be referring to OLED (Organic LED). It is being touted as the next "plasma killer".

It's very flat and has good black levels which is why it gets compared to plasma.

Unfortunately it's horribly expensive right now and only prototypes have been shown at 40", which is supposedly the max size. Sony sells a very small OLED display.

2008-11-17, 08:17 AM
NEO PDP by Panasonic.


2008-11-17, 08:24 AM
NEO PDP is not new technology rather its an enhancement of existing tech. I would suggest the OP is probably hearing of OLED