: Will a new plasma equal my 40"tube in pq

2008-11-16, 06:15 PM
I currently have a sony 40"xbr crt this thing is huge and heavy and looks like it doesn't belong.i paid over $4000 dollers for this thimg 5 years ago.the picture quality is amazing with digital or even when i had analog,i am scared of losing picture quality if i go to a 50" plasma, but on the other hand a new flat panel would be great.
Anyone out there who's had this problem or has an opinion on this it would be greatly appreciated.

What to do.....

2008-11-16, 06:46 PM
The first thing is that the plasma will be 16x9 vs the 4:3 tube so for the majority of programs you will be much better off.

The plasma will not have any convergence or geometry issues which the CRT will have.

About the only thing that would be better on the CRT is black levels and the ability of the CRT to handle low intensity signals.

2008-11-16, 06:47 PM
The PQ of a good 50" plasma is basically unbeatable when properly optimized. Realize that a 50" HDTV, showing a 16:9 image is 85% larger than a 40" 4:3 TV showing a 16:9 image, so almost twice as large.

See the following post, useful for those new to the forum:


From the above, a post about SD PQ.


2008-11-16, 06:59 PM
will quality stay decent without a hi def signal and only a digital box

2008-11-16, 07:05 PM
The quality will be "decent", however, with a 50" HDTV, you really should feed it an HD signal. If you're not going to feed it HD, you may as well stick with your current TV.

A 4:3 image on a 50" TV will be roughly the same size as what you have now, however, you should probably not watch too much 4:3, since you could end up with burn in on your plasma...

Please take the time to read the links that I've provided, since the answer to your most recent question was in one of my previous links, as are many of the answers to questions asked by those new to the forum.

http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/showthread.php?t=21270 Burn in.

2008-11-17, 01:52 AM
without an HD signal you will be better off with the tube TV. Also, if memory serves me right, that 40" sony XBR was HD ready.

2008-11-17, 08:28 AM
Mr. Altima, if you are happy with your CRT and all you are going to watch is standard definition signals, then don't waste your money

The discussion of SD picture quality has been asked hundreds of times around here so please search around and review 57's threads for additional info

2008-11-21, 09:06 PM
Chances are you might get fed up and move to an HD signal anyways. Standard signal isn't really the "bees knees" or even close, especially on a 50".
Sorry to be cup half empty on this one.;)

Dog Byte
2008-11-22, 12:14 PM
The big advantage of your CRT is it's un-stealable heft. It does mean that one day you'll come home and find a crackhead crushed under your TV. Don't worry -- the TV will be fine.