: Samsung LN40A550 audio popping

2008-11-14, 03:40 AM
I recently purchased this tv and have a strange problem.

The built in speakers will make a "popping" sound ever so often.

I have a shaw pvr and xbox 360 hooked up through hdmi and no matter which input I'm using, it will make the same sounds. It is quite annoying and distracting and quite severe, popping almost 10-20 times in an hour. I have updated the firmware to the latest version and the problem persists.

I have done some searching and can't seem to find anyone with the same issue. The TV is past its 30 days so I can not exchange it.

Any of your expert advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

2008-11-25, 01:40 PM
I have LN40A530. I think its pretty much the same TV as yours minus the USB port. I hear the popping ocasionally but not as often as you are saying. I hear it maybe once every few days. The only time I hear it is sometimes when I put a videogame into the system and it is loading up and the TV says searching for signals. To be honest I wasn't even sure if it is the TV or my tuner? but it sounds like what you are describing. Anyway my TV is under warrantly for 8 more months so if something breaks I hope it happens before then. I haven't been to concerned about it and am very happy with the TV.

Michael DeAbreu
2008-11-25, 07:15 PM
Thanks for the heads-up. Since I always use external speakers, I might never have noticed this problem. I'll watch a few programs and let you know if anything pops!

2008-11-26, 03:18 PM
I just bought this TV and haven't noticed any popping yet. I haven't updated the firmware. I just have regular coax cable hooked up (yes, it's ugly) and also a Venturer HDDVD player and XBOX360 both connected via HDMI.