: Sony XBR5 "dimming" issues

2008-11-12, 07:44 PM
I recently purchased my XBR5 and have noticed that during certain times depending on what image is on the screen the back light will automatically dim and then suddenly get bright again. Anyone else have this issue or know how to solve this. Is my set defective??

2008-11-12, 08:05 PM
If this unit has a light sensor, turn the sensor off because it may be sensing a change in the light level in the room due to changes in the scene brightness (feedback loop).

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2008-11-12, 09:05 PM
"Auto Dimming" was a feature introduced after Sony had such problems with clouding/mura with the XBR2 & XBR3. If the background is dark and you dim the back light, clouding is less likely to show up. With our XBR4, properly set up, it's only ever noticable during the credits. A non-issue, really. The only way to defeat it, that I'm aware of, is to put the TV in "Game Mode" which shuts off all of the extra processing, including auto-dimming.

2009-05-06, 03:21 PM
So I bought the KDL52V5100 about two weeks ago and I noticed the problem right away. After browsing various forums (this one included) I ended up calling Sony and speaking with them about the problem.

They got back to me two days later and said that there is no fix for this issue as it was a marketing choice to add this feature to "prevent light leakage" whatever that means.

I was in the process of getting a Samsung instead UNTIL Sony called me back today and let me know that a firmware update was released to fix this issue!

I myself have not tried it yet because I'm still at work but I will be trying the update as soon as I get home to see if it does what it says it does.

You can find the firmware update by:
1) Go to esupport.sony.com
2) Enter your model number
3) Select "Drivers & Software" on the left under "Support by type"
4) Select "System Software - 1 files(s)" [I have the KDL52V5100 so yours might be different]
5) Download the "System Software Update" to a USB stick no larger than 4GB and follow the included instructions on how to update your TV.

I don't know if it was me that actually got their technicians to work on the problem or not but the updgrade was conveniently releasesed a few days after I called and spoke with them.

At any rate, good luck everyone and I hope this fixes the problem!!!

2009-05-06, 05:50 PM
My neighbour has a 46V5100 and says this update fixed his auto-dimming completely.