: Samsung 52A750 DLNA/wireless

2008-11-12, 08:59 AM
I just purchased a Samsung 52A750 and get it delivered next week. I understand the whole infolink thing (even though it isn't available in Canada) but am confused about what exactly the DLNA feature means. It says that you can enjoy photos, music, video on your TV from your PC. How do you connect your computer to the TV. Can you use your wireless network, or do you need a specific cable?

2008-11-12, 09:49 PM
I have the 46" 750. Infolink can be used in Canada, you just have to chose Canada in the setup. DLNA allows you to stream media over the network from your pc to your tv. It only supports wired at this time. You must connect an ethernet cable from your tv to an extra port on your pc/swith/router.

2009-05-09, 02:28 PM
I have a LN46A750, in the manual it says I need a Samsung Wireless LAN adapter (WIS-08BG) for the Infolink. I have 2 questions:

1) On the Samsung site I can only find the WIS09ABGNX model. Am I correct in assuming it will work the same?

2) Do I really need a Samsung brand adapter, or will any USB 2.0 wireless adapter work?

Alan Toronto
2009-05-10, 12:15 PM
2) You cannot use just any USB wireless adapter in the port on the TV. You must use the Samsung model.

Note: all it will provide is wireless access to InfoLink services, not to media streaming.

2009-05-23, 05:37 AM
I use Linksys Power Bridge devices in power outlets to connect 2 computers to a router and thus to internet.

Power Bridge uses my electric power in the house to transmit data. I can put a device anywhere in the power grid and get connected to internet. For instance, when I get my LN52B750, I'll be able to switch the power bridge device from the room where computer no. 2 is located and plug it in a power outlet near the TV, connect the device to the TV's RJ45 input and get a firmware update. Here's a picture of one of the Linksys Power Bridge adapters:


Useful also for online updates for my BD player.

2009-05-23, 08:34 PM
mfabien, thanks for the feedback, that's pretty much what I ended up doing. I was talking about this to one of the IT guys at work and he said I should use a wireless ethernet bridge since I already have a wireless router. He loaned me one of his to try out this week at it works great. I also did the firmware update so I could get the Canadian weather. I have to return the bridge eventually, so now I'm on the hunt for one.

The cost for the Samsung wireless USB key is about $130. The ethernet bridge will cost well under that and can do more than the USB can. The big advantage is that I can also use the DHCP server to view pictures and other media from my computer without having to save them to a USB key and shuttle it back and forth. The bridge may also be handy for other uses in the future, so I would rather invest in the more flexible option.

The only thing I'm still experimenting with is setting up my PC to share the files properly. There seems to be a few bugs I need to figure out, probably some compatability issues I need to identify.