: Some iPod Touch and iPhone applications are not available in Canada?

2008-10-29, 03:16 PM
I appreciate that lots of music and movies available in the United States are not available in Canada but iTunes applications?

I learned about an app and clicked on the iTunes Store and received this message

The application was from iheartmusic. Does anyone know why this app would not be available in Canada and do you know of others not available in this country?

David Susilo
2008-10-29, 04:13 PM
usually it's because of licensing and copyright issues.

2008-10-29, 05:29 PM
The application that I tried to download was essentially an app that let you listen to Internet Radio stations on your iPod. No copyright violations on that one that I am aware of.

David Susilo
2008-10-29, 05:31 PM
then it is 100% about copyright issue (not violation). If the apps don't have "blessings" from (say) BMI or ASCAP for Canadian Distribution, then to play it safe, the apps won't be downloadable in Canada.

The same goes about buying MP3 files from Amazon.com, if you don't have US address, you won't be able to buy the files.

2008-10-29, 07:23 PM
FYI, this is owned by Clear Channel Communications. I tried to use this service a few months ago on my PC. Here's what you get:Due to licensing restrictions, we are not able to allow access to the content you are requesting from outside the United States. We are sorry we can no longer provide access to Canada.