: 120hz on Standard DVDs?

2008-09-17, 09:42 PM
Hi folks.

I'm just in the process of watching ""Michael Clayton" in a standard DVD format on my brand new Samsung BD 1500 player on my brand new 46" Samsung A650 LCD set.

The tv is set to 120hz "motion plus' but the "info" screen shows that I am watching in 60hz 720 x 480. The bluray player is supposed to be upconverting the standard DVD.

Is there a reason why I am not getting the 120hz to work?

I am new to hidef and would like to get advice from the pros in our community.

Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


2008-09-17, 11:58 PM
The info screen shows the incoming signal, not what's on the screen. The fact that you've got 720 x 480 also indicates that you haven't set up the DVD player to upconvert the signal properly since you would want to be seeing 1080P as the upconverted format I assume.

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2008-09-19, 07:45 AM
Hey 57,

Thanks-a-ton for your suggestions and the useful links.

You were right. I managed to activate 1080p on the samsung bd upconverter. I noticed that when I played SD discs 60zh was on and when I played BD discs (i.e., Planet Earth) 24hz was on, the info screen. I'm assuming this is the way things should play. Not sure if 120hz should show, since our new samsung lcd a650 has 120hz??


2008-09-19, 10:01 AM
That's the way it should be. As stated before, the TV shows the incoming signal, not what it does to the signal to display it. The 60/24 are what the player is sending, which is correct.