: Internet Explorer and multiple Vista users on one PC

2008-09-10, 12:32 PM
Cannot find a similar thread/post for my problem so here goes:
I am running a PC with Vista Business Edition. My internet connection is Bell/Sympatico with a SpeedStream 6250 modem.
Vista allows setting up multiple users on the PC. I have two, both with administrator settings (settings do not seem to have any incidence on this problem). The problem is that access to the internet can only be achieved through one user, the one where the connection was first set up. Creating a second identical connection under the second user changes nothing. All settings for users and connection are identical. I have deleted connections and reset them, checked all connections settings, etc. several times.
All Bell can tell me is that this is a Microsoft or PC Manufacturer issue. Their knowledge of Vista is pitiful, I even had one rep finally admit they had very little experience of the vista environment.
Has anyone had a similar problem and found a solution or just have an idea what the issue here might be? Thanks.