: What did you think of Microsoft Ads before and after Seinfeld & Gates?

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2008-09-08, 01:45 PM
On Sept. 4, Microsoft Corp. launched the largest consumer marketing campaign in the history of the company, focused on the broad potential of Windows across PCs, the Web and mobile devices. The campaign is part of a larger effort to connect people with the power and potential that Windows brings to everyday life.

I saw this ad on the Football game last night.

Part was pretty amusing but the ending was dumb and it gave me no reasons for wanting to chose MS.

See the ad here (http://www.microsoft.com/presspass/windows/)

2008-09-08, 02:01 PM
Started out OK but man that is bad. What is the message exactly? Microsoft can make moist and chewy computers? :confused:

2008-09-08, 02:06 PM
I'm a HUGE Seinfeld fan. (just saw him live in Vegas last month) I thought parts of the commercial were quirky and funny but the whole thing made no sense to me at all.

2008-09-08, 02:14 PM
I just watched it again and the first 60 to 70 seconds is really amusing and novel but the last 20 to 30 seconds dies and leaves you with nothing.

Apple ads (the comparison is inevitable) are amusing and quirky, but at the end of each ad, its clear, you want to buy apple.

2008-09-08, 02:33 PM
Without exaggeration, it's one of the worst commercials I've ever seen (and I LOVE Seinfeld's comedy). The comedy seemed forced, Bill looked like he'd rather be anywhere but on camera, and it didn't spark my interest in the "product" at all.

2008-09-08, 02:42 PM
I thought it was a little strange but it's far from the worst commercial I've seen.

By the way, those "Hi, I'm a Mac" commercials make me want to do anything but buy an Apple computer.

2008-09-08, 02:51 PM
Maybe it was just a commerical about nothing. :)

2008-09-08, 03:59 PM
Robobob is right on the mark...that was indeed the intention from what I've read.

But this "nothing" goes so far beyond "nothing"! Yes, some parts are funny, but mostly, I just sat there puzzled and wondering where it was going. Only when it was over did I get my answer....it was going nowhere!

2008-09-08, 05:15 PM
Yep, MS has said that ad #1 is just a teaser. I think it wasted precious seconds off my life! :eek:

2008-09-08, 05:23 PM
I could care less what the message is. From a strictly entertainment standpoint I really liked it. I'm a huge Seinfeld fan (like so many other people here and everywhere) so he can practically do no wrong in my book and I thought Bill Gates was great; extremely deadpan. I give it a thumbs up. In my opinion, to compare this to an Apple commercial is simply a lackluster observation. It's like comparing Apples to oranges....

2008-09-08, 05:57 PM
its a commercial to get people talking about MS, I'd guess.

Better than complaining about how bad Vista is.

I thought Bill wasn't MS anymore

2008-09-08, 07:19 PM
I thought it was odd too say the least, not sure what to make of it, ergo "Don't Know" was the choice for me.

2008-09-09, 08:01 AM
its a commercial to get people talking about MS, I'd guess.

So I guess it's working. :D

I'm indifferent to Seinfeld but I did find the ad amusing.

2008-09-09, 08:15 AM
Creative, if not unusual. Not sure what it's trying to 'sell', but it made me chuckle. Entertaining I guess...

2008-09-09, 08:22 AM
Well that's a minute and 30 seconds of my life I'll never get back

2008-09-09, 09:41 AM
The highlight is Bill's pic on his card...:D

2008-09-09, 02:19 PM
Ya I thought that was pretty funny too. :D

2008-09-13, 01:20 AM
I didn't think Seinfeld could get lower than Bee Movie, but he has. He needs to come up with something funny, fast. And Bill Gates needs to come up with something to sell before he comes up with a commercials. It's like those new Bell commercials which are just selling the same old, same old.

2008-09-13, 02:22 AM
Oyyyyy... still feeling the pain...


2008-09-13, 11:48 AM
The girl had it right. Eeeewwww.