: Advice on first LCD TV purchase?

2008-07-25, 10:45 AM
Hello everyone,

I am, as the title of this thread suggests, a confused/intimidated newbie. Im just about to move out of student housing and into a new apartment and think its the right time to invest in a new home theatre system. Here are some details:

1. Looking for: LCD TV (atleast 40")
2. Room size: 13' x 11'
3. Will mainly use it for: TV, Blu-ray movies, PS3 games, music. (Dont ever plan to use it as a computer monitor)

I think I have settled on the TV for now (Samsung LN40A550) but am open to suggestions from you wise men.
Any help in this matter will be greatly appreciated!!


2008-07-25, 02:16 PM
Check out the Toshiba XF series (although I have no idea where you can see them in person). I really like my 52".

Features to look for:
true 1920x1080 resolution
true 24p w/o 3:2 pulldown (i.e. 5:5 for 120Hz or 4:4 for 72Hz)
HDMI, component, PC and S-Video inputs (multiple HDMI because switchers aren't passive)

2008-07-25, 04:26 PM
I have a Sammy 46 inch, 2 years old. LNS4692.

if your in the 40 in market or 42 in, dont even bother with the 1080p
you will see no difference at all on a tv that size.

768 p ones 1080i look amazing, as most tv broadcasts are 1080i or sometimes 720p. most games are 720p. (PS3 XBOX)

if you can try and get a 120 hrtz one, it helps with fast motion blur, which is not a big problem anyways just sometimes it will pixalate a bit.

another thing that is important is the refresh rate, sammy are 8 miliseconds which is good.
others have a faster one like 4 milisec.

Contrast Ratios are a big hype also, you can get a great picture with a 5000 contrast ratio if they tell you this one is 10,000 good but it doesnt really make much difference to you eyes.

2008-07-25, 07:25 PM
I looked on the Toshiba site and the XF series seem to be way over my budget. I cant spend more than $1300-$1400. I'd really like the LN46A550 but at $1699 thats out of reach too.

As for the 120 Hz, I saw a movie on a tv on display in one of the stores around town and it looked different thats for sure. But Im not sure if I actually liked how it looked. It was like it was a little 'too real' for my liking. I cant explain it any better. I dont know what difference it makes while watching sports yet.

2008-07-28, 11:29 AM
If you have a size and cost budget, then you should be able to quickly narrow down what models fit within your budgets. Then have a look at websites to see what experiences other people have had with those models and previous generations.

2008-07-30, 12:51 PM
I have talked myself into spending the extra cash and getting the Samsung LN46A550. Heard good things about it and it looks great too. Your thoughts?

2008-07-31, 10:31 AM
Good choice, I was going to go for the 550 myself too.

King Kong
2008-07-31, 01:08 PM
You need to tell us the viewing distance. The distance from where you watch the tv to the actual tv screen itself.

If you can spare a little bit more, 50" would be an awsome TV for ya.

2008-08-01, 09:30 AM
The viewing distance will be approx. between 9-10 feet. I really cant go any bigger than a 46". My original home theatre budget was 2k but Ive increased that to 3k. So, Im definitely going to be happy with this home theatre for a while.

2008-08-16, 12:29 AM
I'm still browsing too, but I'm leaning towards the Sharp 64U models - they're getting very cheap (this weekend at Future Shop, they're on sale for $1,436 for the 46"). It's a very decent TV for that price! I like that it's one of the few lower-end models that have 3 HDMI ports on it.

I've been comparing these TVs in the stores for years, but I keep coming back to Sharp (64U) VS Sony (V or W series) - I haven't really been impressed with anything else compared to these two. I don't plan on spending more than $1,600-$1,700 (CDN) so this seems to be the sweet spot for me.

Anybody - feel free to convince me otherwise! I'd love to consider some of the Samsungs but I just haven't seen anything that impressive from them yet (unless you double the spending amount)...

2008-08-16, 10:58 AM
I am just going to say I am looking.

I currently have a 20" CRT set on its last legs but stable.

I absolutely do not want another SD CRT set, nor an ED set.

I have around a $500 budget, but that could change.

The room is about 8x11, with about 7 ft viewing distance from the viewing seat to the TV screen.

I have been looking around, and I might be able to get a 26" set in budget, on the outside a 32".

I need at least two SD inputs, and some components and HDMI. I'd prefer it have ATSC, but probably don't need that at this time.
An absolute must is an HDMI/DVI video/analog audio mode, to connect a Starchoice HD receiver, and a stereo analog audio output to connect my older stereo receiver (on its last legs too, perhaps I should take bets as to which fails first, the receiver or TV).