: Help Choosing TV In Australia

2008-07-24, 09:38 PM
Hi everyone,
I want to buy a HDTV, mainly for gaming but I have no idea what Iím looking for to ensure i get the best possible picture for my gaming expirience, could someone please provide some info on what kind of thing to look for when shopping, (such as progressive scan and things like that) considering the TV will mainly be used for gaming. I havenít even decided on LCD or Plasma yet as I keep reading conflicting reports. Any information people could provide would be greatly appreciated. Also I was looking into European brands such as Loewe, Metz, Baumann Meyer and Schaub Lorenz, what do people think of these? I was leaning towards LCD because of reports of burn ins and high electricity usage on plasmas but then I read something saying these were false so now Iím just even more confused. PLEASE HELP!

2008-07-24, 10:17 PM
hibernian, are you in North America? If so, don't bother looking at European brands of TV. They are not built for the broadcasting and electrical standards of the North American market.

2008-07-24, 10:22 PM
I live in Australia, there a few stores which sell european imports so im guessing they work here?

2008-07-24, 10:28 PM
Okay thanks, I'll change the title to reflect your location. This site is in Canada and focuses mostly on our North American market, but I'm hoping someone can give you authoritative info for your country. You should probably visit the DTV Forum Australia site for a more comprehensive source of info in your case: http://www.dtvforum.info/

2008-07-25, 01:37 AM
I would guess that most of the major brands, Sharp, Panasonic, Sony, Toshiba, Hitachi, Samsung, etc. have corresponding models to those available in NA. They may have slightly different model numbers to indicate the different market but overall quality will be similar. A similar situation exists with Canadian, US and Mexican markets. Features are often different so close reading of the specs is required.