: Panasonic 58PZ800/850

2008-07-24, 08:22 PM
Hi does anyone actually know why the 58" is still not available? Is it high production cost, low demand, or does Panny need to upgrade their plant or something? Or may be they want to get rid of all the 58" PZ700/750 first?

I would think 58" is where the profit margin is best, and so Panny would want to role them out ASAP...I can't see any brand making a killing on the cut throat 42"-50" range. Volume yes, margin no.

2008-07-25, 10:45 AM
I don't know why the delay either.....all I heard was "the fall."

Any rumors of firm dates?

2008-07-25, 10:53 AM

See post #1. They arrive in the fall.