: 50" LCD or Plasma for bright living room?

2008-07-21, 10:51 PM
Hi Everyone

I've searched through a lot of forums and have seen many opinions. It's making things difficult to make a decision.

I would appreciate any input.

I'm looking to purchase a new TV as my Prima started to smoke after less than 2 years (not a surprise).

Here is our environment:
- We have a bright living room as one wall is entirely windows
- The majority of our seats are not directly in front of the TV
- We p primarily watch HD programming, sports and some movies
- Not a gamer although we have a Wii
- I'm open to LCD or Plasma
- Would like something in the 50 inch size

Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


2008-07-21, 11:06 PM
You will probably want LCD. Plasmas have a glass screen that is very reflective. LCDs have a matte screen that disperses the light.

Check Costco to compare lots of TVs quickly (and at good prices).

I just picked up a Sanyo 720p 50" plasma from Wal Mart for $997, and I am very happy with it. It, too, replaced a Prima (but my Prima still works fine).

2008-07-22, 05:22 AM
Because of your bright room environment, a LCD screen would be a good choice. However, would recommend a 1080p native resolution and 120Hz refreshing to reduce ghosting caused by motion .

2008-07-22, 02:17 PM
I was in a store the other day and the sales manager recommended three LCD sets that all begin with "S"


If you check various web sites you will see that these three name brands are interchangeable in sales. It changes quite frequently on a weekly basis

I recently bought a top of the line Toshiba Regza 120 hz and it was good value for the money with a great picture.

Probably the same could be said for LG.

I would stay away from off brands as no doubt by now you have learned from personal experience. Part of the problem is the off brands are cheaper in price and for a good reason. Unless you buy warranty from Future Shop or Best Buy it is difficult to get service. Sometimes the service consists of shipping the set back to California namely westinghouse.

If you decide on Plasma Pannasonic is the only one they are the leader.

This is a good time to buy cause many retailers are get rid of 2007/2008 stock to make way for the new 2008/2009.
Ask when you buy what year is the set. Most sets have the year of manufacture stamped on the back.

All the name sets have two to four are different models within their brand so it is not uncommon to see the same size set with different prices.
If you see a price which is real low check the small print and you may see it is 720 or s floor model

I am not going to debate 720 vs 1080p many people can not see the difference beyond the normal 6ft viewing distance.

I would recommend that
you go for all the toys 1080p and if you decide somewhere down the road on blu ray then you have the set to display it to the fullest.

Good shopping

Jungle Monkey
2008-07-22, 07:50 PM
You might want to look at WHEN you are watching TV as well. If you work during the day and watch TV mainly in the evening then really how bright can your room get?

2008-07-22, 09:37 PM
If there's a risk of getting reflections, get an LCD. You could be watching tv on a Sunday afternoon.

But if there's a way to avoid reflections, plasma should give you a better picture.

As always, if possible, buy something you can return if need be.

2008-07-22, 11:20 PM
Do you have particular sets in mind? Perhaps a few people in the LCD forum (http://www.digitalhome.ca/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=154) can provide feedback on their performance.

Here's the chart on when 1080p might be worthwhile link (http://s3.carltonbale.com/resolution_chart.html).

mfabien - I would like to see the proof that 1080p reduces motion blur, have you got a link?

2008-07-23, 05:46 AM

mfabien - I would like to see the proof that 1080p reduces motion blur, have you got a link?

It's the refresh rate of 120Hz that reduces motion blur. Having said that, the LCD does not perform as well as a Plasma for motion blur and ghosting. Nevertheless, in this case, I would choose a LCD display.