: NTSC to PAL converter?

2008-07-20, 05:54 PM
Going to the middle east;

Is there a converter to PAL format??

Panasonic Plasma 4360



2008-07-20, 08:17 PM
If you will be in the Middle East for more than a short while you are best to sell your Panasonic TV here and buy a new one when you get there.

2008-07-21, 07:47 AM
Title is backwards, you need a PAL to NTSC converter :) Converters do exist although I don't know where to get them. The one I used wasn't 100% perfect (it made a weird sync every couple of seconds. Probably something to do with the conversion from 50 Hz up to 60 Hz. Better than nothing though.

2008-07-21, 10:25 AM
Instead of buying a PAL to NTSC converter I would rather get a scaler or video processor that accepts PAL signals and converts/scales them to 720/1080p over HDMI. AFAIK, such units start from $300.

Google for Atlona AT-AVS-HDMI, Gefen Home Theater Video Scaler or Atlona Video Scaler with HDMI output.