: WinAmp 5.54 Media Player released

2008-07-17, 10:03 AM
AOL announced today the general release of WinAmp v5.54, the company's proprietary media player used by millions of people around the world. (http://www.digitalhome.ca/content/view/2685/206/)

Don't know if many people use this software anymore but its got a new release for those that do or are interested.

2008-07-17, 11:05 AM
I don't use Winamp as my primary music player, I use iTunes for my MP3 collection (need to because of my iPod, which I mostly listen to my MP3s on anyways). I use GOM for most other things.

If I do want to use Winamp, I use an older version, I think 1.94 or something.

2008-07-17, 12:02 PM
Being a user of Winamp from almost day 1...I've seen this software get bloated and more bloated every version released. It's a shame since I really like the user interface.

I'm test driving Fubar2000 now - very lean and highly customizable.

2008-07-17, 12:15 PM
I use Winamp for tagging and managing my music collection. It's ability to organize large collections is unmatched in commercial players. I have some 24,000+ files so speed is very important. Winamp is the only player I found that could handle these in a reasonable amount of time. It has some dynamite plugins as well. Check out Stereo Tool some time. I use it to play back music sometimes but it's not well suited for HTPC. Otherwise, it does a great job and supports FLAC. The bloat is unfortunate but it can be ignored.

2008-07-17, 03:31 PM
I still use Winamp Pro, but I too find it has become more bloated over the years. I just usually get rid of the Winamp Agent and any video playback parts of the software. I strictly use it as an audio player.

2008-07-17, 05:55 PM
Like duck99, I too have been a user of Winamp since day 1 and while there have been many improvements made over the years bloat has indeed become an unfortunate byproduct.

Like Mark, I also get rid of anything that is not really needed for audio playback only such as Winamp agent, video playback components, etc.

I also agree with I_Want_My_HDTV's comments that Winamp's ability to organize large collections is unmatched in commercial players and the plug-ins available for it are also very impressive.

Oh yeah, I still use an old version of it too: v2.95 on my Windows 98 machine. :D

HT gearhead
2008-07-17, 07:09 PM
I haven't used winamp since my windows 98 days. Since I have a rather large music library and you guys say it's good for tags and stuff I'll try the new version. Thanks the the heads up.

2008-07-21, 10:22 AM
I also use some old version from back in the day. oldversion dot com has them all.

2008-07-21, 11:21 PM
I just noticed that the newest version of WinAmp has an interesting feature. If you let it scan your music collection, it can create its own "similar music" playlists based on one song that you choose. It can go up to 200 songs, I believe. It's not a bad feature, as creating playlists can be a little bit of a chore. I can't imagine using it, however, but it seems like a nifty little feature. I seem to recall this feature on the Yahoo! music player as well (not for music on your hard drive, but on their database).


2008-07-22, 07:44 AM
Supervij, you are correct about Yahoo's LaunchCast having a similar feature. The ability to do it with the songs in your collection is pretty neat though!

2008-07-26, 11:27 PM
I've been using WinAmp since before they launched ShoutCast ... I even ran a ShoutCast classical station for a while. Currently I am using AVS DVD for computer based DVIX etc video playback and WinAmp for all my audio stuff. I wish they would would stop the bloat, too. It remains my playback of choice.