: Laptop trouble in Home Network

2008-07-15, 07:36 AM
Hi all,

This has been a frustrating few days!:p

My home network worked flawlessly until I took my laptop to the campground and tried to connect to their wi-fi. Now I cannot get the laptop to connect to any network drives or use the remote desktop.

I have 3 PC's - one with Vista Home Premium, one with XP, and a laptop with XP. The 2 desktops are hard wired to the router. The XP desktop is basically a file storage (no monitor) and I use remote desktop to connect to it. The two desktops can see each other and I can move freely between them. The Vista machine can see the laptop and connect to it through a mapped network drive.

Unfortunately the laptop cannot connect to either of the desktops. They are all part of the same doman (WORKGROUP), I've run the LLTD on the laptop, etc. The Vista network map shows something differently than what I remember though. It shows the desktops connected through a SWITCH, then to the gateway and to the internet. The Laptop shows a wireless connection to teh gateway (Router) then to the internet. I can PING both of the desktops successfully from the laptop.

I am usually very good at figuring this stuff out, but this has had me going for three days now! LOL

Why can't my laptop connect to my other PC's?:confused:

Thanks a million!!!