: What is ID-1 Detection...(Sony Bravis L Series...???

2008-07-08, 12:39 AM
I looked in the glossory of HDTV Terms,
and could not find anything for ID-1 Detection...??Would anyone know what this means...???
Thanks again for any help or Info...!!!


2008-07-08, 10:01 AM
Wow...haven't heard that term in a while! Had to rack my brain to remember what it was.

As I recall it, it's a signalling system for S-VIDEO connections (only) that will indicated to a display that the video is native widescreen. The TV will then automatically set itself to the appropriate screen mode. It was not very widely adopted, primarly because it worked with s-video only.

2008-07-08, 04:19 PM
Thanks JohnnyG...
I don`t think I will be using any S-Video connectors.
I will only use Composite Video or HDMI...
I am very new to all of this, so I`m reading like crazy trying to absorb as much as possible...
I do know that "Composite Video" is the "Best" input type, and I`m not really sure about HDMI cables until I get My Sony Bravia HDTV (Next Week I Hope)...
I have read various reviews about HDMI not being the "Be-All & End-All" of connection types...???
I`ll see...*And follow the advice of the very much more experienced people on this forum...!!!
Thanks again...


2008-07-08, 04:30 PM
I do know that "Composite Video" is the "Best" input type Huh? I'm guessing you didn't digest the information in the link in post 4 of the following thread, or you are confusing composite and component video:


Also check out post 6 while you're there.

2008-07-08, 06:21 PM
Yes in my haste to reply I got the 2 mixed-up...!!!
Of course Component Video is the "best" connection type....I`m learning...!!!
Thanks 57...for pointing out my mistake...!!!


2012-03-05, 02:15 AM
I have a Sony WEGA HDTV -- I think it's the KD-34XBR960N. It's connected to a Sony DVP-S530D DVD player via component cable and does automatically switch properly from 16:9 to 4:3. So I don't think the Sony ID-1 Detection only works on S-VIDEO. It also (at least) works via COMPONENT cabling.

The ID-1 is a very nice feature. I wish I could find out more about it.

Especially for DVD's with Jacket Pictures since they are almost always (always?) formatted in 4:3 mode. When watching a 16:9 DVD if I hit stop and see the JP the TV switches to the correct aspect ratio.

2012-03-05, 08:26 AM

Are you sure it's the TV that's doing the aspect switch? DVD's can contain a flag that indicates whether the current content being viewed is 4:3 or 16:9.

The DVD player itself will format the content for correct display on the TV (by adding black bars to the sides or above/below, as appropriate). This is usually based on a setting in the DVD player that indicates if it's connected to a 4:3 TV or a 16:9 TV. Sometimes there's another setting or control in the player to allow you to override this automatic formatting.

2012-03-05, 09:18 AM
With some Internet searching, I discovered that ID-1 is specified in recommendation EIA-J CPX-1024. (EIAJ is Electronic Industry Association of Japan.) It specifies a way of indicating wide screen content with NTSC video signals.

ID-1 is 14 bits (plus 6 bits of CRC) of information that can be carried on lines 20 and 283 of the NTSC vertical blanking interval. Part of this information indicates 4:3 or 16:9 content.

Since ID-1 is part of NTSC video signals, I presume it could be present on composite, S-video, or component connections. A TV, or other receiving device, capable of detecting and handling it could use it to automatically switch between 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratios.