: Reuters UK: Sony's TV unit losing money

2008-06-27, 11:08 PM
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2nd page it says SONY's LCDs are trailing behind Samsung. That's quite obvious as you can tell from that e-department store: Samsung's HDTV models simply overwhelm SONY and Panasonic. Panasonic's Z80 and SONY's XBR4 kind of show up obscurely.

3rd page it says about TV business "aim to return to profitability...".

If SONY's main flagship electronics business PS3 and TV are losing money, I don't know what SONY can do.

2008-06-28, 12:53 PM
Sony has been making some very surprising decisions recently in their TV sets:

1. Drop all plasma sets
2. Drop all SXRD/LCOS and rear projection LCD's
3. Mix up the models in LCD Bravia line so that nothing stands out (they are all Bravia)
4. Market an very small and expensive OLED set that clearly is not ready for sale except as a novelty

The only thing I can think of is that Sony is getting ready to get out of the TV business; possibly even the hardware side of the electronics business in general and concentrate on being a producer of software (movies, games) only.