: A few questions about my new HDTV

2008-06-27, 10:27 PM
Ok i just bought a 40" Sony Bravia 1080P KDL40V3000 yesterday, and i got a few questions.

1) I heard that my TV has a QAM tuner so there is no need for an HD box, is that right?

2)I currently have rogers standard definition coaxial cable, do i have any HD channels? because i heard rogers gives some free HD channels.

3)How do i check if i have any HD channels?

4)What kind of resolution is the signal that comes through the TV cable? 480i, 480p?

Thanks, and i hope you can answer my questions!!

2008-06-28, 12:03 AM
1. You'll still need an HD STB for encrypted channels, which almost all of them are in Canada. See the following post on that subject. Please put your location and service provider into your UserCP Profile (location). This helps us help you.


2. See the following post on that subject. You need an HD STB or PVR.


3. You tune to them on the STB. Since you're with Rogers, you won't get any/many HD channels on the QAM tuner.

4. 480i for SD, 720P for 720P HD and 1080i for 1080i HD channels. See:


Please see the following post which is useful for people new to the forum.


2008-06-29, 11:25 PM
you don't say your location other than ontario.
Your QAM tuner is made for Unencrypted Cable in the U.S. Pretty useless in canada.
But it is also an ATSC tuner which will recieve free OTA.
I get 15 digital chanels Over-the-Air. Plus foregn langage and religious channels that i don't have mapped so i can't count.