: Vizio SV420XVT and SV47XVT 120 MHZ LCD

2008-06-25, 09:56 AM
Vizio, North America’s number two flat panel seller, today introduced its XVT Series of flat panel televisions which include two 1080p LCD HDTVs with 120Hz refresh rate.
Featuring 120Hz and 1920 x 1080p resolution, the new 42 inch SV420XVT and 47 inch SV470XVT LCD televisions panels will incorporate smooth Motion technology, dynamic contrast ratio of 6500:1 and SRS Labs' TruSurround XT audio processing.

Both include the new brushed aluminum-trimmed VUR8 Universal Learning Remote with Picture-In-Picture keys and four HDMI v1.3 inputs.

The 42" LCD, 47" LCD and 50" Vizio flat panel televisions are expected to ship in July and are expected to sell for U.S. $1,500, $1,900 respectively.

No word yet on Cdn pricing or availability.

2008-06-25, 02:26 PM
They are North America's number 2 seller? News to me.

2008-07-04, 07:01 PM
They are North America's number 2 seller? News to me.
Number 1 now..


2008-07-11, 02:35 PM
6500:1 dynamic contrast ratio? is that supposed to be 65000:1?
Samsung and Sony has 50,000:1, I doubt there could be that big of a difference between Visio and them.

2008-07-11, 02:56 PM
dynamic contrast ratios are absolutely meaningless. The new Panasonic plasma's have a dynamic contrast ratio of something like a million to one. Fortunately Panny (for now) is taking the high road and not advertising that because they know how meaningless it is.