: JVC 40FH96 - Is it dead?

2008-06-23, 08:35 PM
I have (had?) at 42" JVC 40FH96 LCD television and just last night we were watching something and the screen went black. At first I figured it was channel, and then perhaps a bad connection somewhere. This morning we took it off the wall, unplugged everything and then just plugged in the power to see if I could get to the menu. Nothing. The power light comes on but no picture at all. We've had it for just over 3 years now and it's been used quite regularly. My wife is at home with the kids so the TV is on quite often; roughly calculated I'd say its been used between 12,000 and 18,000 hours. These things are supposed to last much longer than that I thought. Does it sound likes its toast? Is there a bulb or something that can be replaced? Is there another way I can test it? Thanks in advance.

2008-06-23, 09:12 PM
Sounds like the backlight is dead. I don't if its worth repairing or how much it would cost to fix but I suspect you will need to contact JVC to see about servicing.

Please let us know what they tell you.

2008-07-04, 10:00 AM
So I got a call back from the repair shop today; seems like the "digital board" is defective. Cost to replace would be ~$850. Had I purchase the TV for $1000-$1500 it would make sense to just go buy a new one but I paid quite a bit more than that 3 years ago.. I'm stuck as to what to do. I wonder if I could purchase the digital board online somewhere and replace it myself? Any thoughts/comments?

2008-07-04, 10:24 AM
After you spend 850, you do not have any warranty
for any other repairs, better to buy new as the
prices have come down sharply. You have used
about 30% of the life span already.

2008-07-05, 09:20 AM
Good point. Think I'll start looking around for a new one and then down the road hopefully fix the JVC on my own and use as a 2nd set.