: 9242 keeps re-booting

2008-06-23, 11:07 AM
Hi started having issues with my 9242 receiver last week had no issue for the past 1 month and Ĺ where all of a sudden the screen would go out and the mode light on the front of the system went out and it would re-start itís self. The time the system would stay on would vary and I would sometimes stay working if I left it unplugged for a bit. Now I called bell and they sent a replacement and itís started to do the same thing except when it goes out the screen goes all fuzzy and a sound comes from the speakers. This new receiver work for longer but keeps freezing & re-starting. So after checking cables, swapping cables re-starting I called bell again and was told it was a power issue and I should hook the receiver to another power outlet, and at my wits end I hooked up to another power outlet and me and my wife enjoyed 2-3 TV shows witch we have not for the past week. Now I put the TV on this morning for my son and he watched one program off the pvr that taped that night and the receiver started back to its old tricks I moved power outlet again and had no luck keeps cutting out freezing and re-booting. When it comes back up it has to re-find the sat and sometimes will download programming. Any one else have this issue or any ideas what I could try to fix.?

2008-06-23, 11:22 AM
Is there adequite ventialtion for the unit as it sounds like it might be overheating? In the diagnostic screen, you can view the internal temperature.

2008-06-23, 01:56 PM
ya I thought that to so I removed the front door on the TV stand and there is a floor fan that I have running non stop to move around the air in the house and it has not been that hot as of latley..is there a way to check internal temp..may try to take it out of the TV stand.

2008-06-23, 09:20 PM
Where abouts is your switch located? At the dish? I had this one time and it was a bad connector at the dish. Rain had got in a a connector and shorted it out.

2008-06-23, 09:56 PM
Had the same problem, (fun watching the kids freak out from the noise through the speakers!)

Sent a replacement, this one is a-ok. I could not find another work around or fix.

Leaf Fan
2008-06-23, 10:02 PM
Where abouts is your switch located? At the dish? I had this one time and it was a bad connector at the dish. Rain had got in a a connector and shorted it out.
I'm leaning towards your shorting out theory

2008-06-24, 07:42 AM
Thanks for the input. I was thinking a switch issue as well so I did end up changing my switch and when I did I found the one cable that has the power connection at the receiver did not look all that grate I am thinking I might change that. I called bell support last night again(they are really useless and I even ended up asking for a L2 not much more help.) but there sending me another receiver but I still donít feel that is the issue. I am going to change around that one cable any way just on the off chance. But any other ideas would be grate I am really at the end of my rope here and I love the 9242 it has been working grate other than this going on 2 week issue. Thanks guys..!!

2008-06-25, 03:26 PM
I had 6141 that did the same thing the first time I plugged it in, it would just reboot over and over and never get anywhere.

I tried changing cables unplugging for 1/2 an hour etc..... nothing worked.

Bell sent me a new one and all has been great since then.

2008-07-02, 01:04 PM
Just an update, got my 2nd replacment and this one has acually does not have the same issue. I must say the condition of this SBR's is not vary good the last one had the film on the front doors and this last one did not and the bottons for the power etc are kind of pushed in and you have to really press on them to get them to work what a pain. Hoping no one else has to go though these issues but in the end it ended up being the Receiver.