: DVI Losing Feed...

2008-06-22, 04:03 PM
After recently making the jump to HDTV (glad I did), I now have a 32" LCD HDTV connected to my HTPC, which I use for DVDs and videos.

I have my PC connected through the DVI port, to an HDMI connector on the TV. All is good, until I change the source back to the other HDMI port (BEV), and the PC reboots. This is rare, as I don't turn off my HTPC, but in the case of a power outage (PC auto restarts on AC return), upgrade parts, etc.. where the PC is off and I don't have the TV source set to the second HDMI input, there is no picture as the PC does not recognize that it's connected.

Had anyone else had this problem or know of a way to prevent it? I have been looking even for a script/batch file that I could run from my Firefly remote to reinitialize the port or "autoscan" once I switch back to the PC's DVI feed...

FYI - I am using an NVIDIA GEForce 6200 and I do not have a PCI port on my TV.

Any insight is appreciated!

2008-06-22, 04:13 PM
People often have issues with HDMI - see the following post on the subject of HDMI handshake issues. I seem to recall a recent post where someone had something similar with a PC on shutdown and a certain startup procedure was necessary to get back up and running.


How about getting a UPS for the PC?

2008-06-22, 04:33 PM
Thanks for the insight, 57... I am somewhat familiar with the various input types, but my HTPC has actually taken a step "backwards" from about a month ago.

I just got upgraded to a BEV 9242 dual tuner PVR and now have no use for my Beyond TV PVR. I am, however, still using the HTPC for other videos and movies, so it's not being used 100% of the time. Probably only about 30% now, so a UPS is probably not cost effective at this point (though I know some are faily cheap $$$). The main issue is the PITA factor of sometimes having to reboot the PC to watch a movie if it got rebooted when I wasn't aware of it and the TV source was set to something else...

I am thinking that SOMEONE must have some windows batch file or script, or knows how to send a command to the PC to make it scan the display ports just like it does when it boots up - this would let me press a key on my remote to run the batch file and reinitialize the DVI port... I hope.. LOL

2008-06-23, 04:49 PM
How about the "DVI Doctor" (Powered EDID Problem Solver) at Monoprice Product Id 3048.

2010-01-12, 10:19 PM
How about the "DVI Doctor" (Powered EDID Problem Solver) at Monoprice Product Id 3048.
That device is not HDCP compliant. The Gefen EXT-DVI-EDIDP supposedly is and I'm investigating this myself.