: Popcornhour player is now available in Canada

2008-06-18, 08:46 AM
I browsed the {reference removed} site yesterday and noted that they now carry PCH for $200. I ordered my IStarHD mini player (similar to PCH) from the States. Wish I had ordered it from Canada instead. The biggest disappointment for me with this unit is that it does not work with NAS like D-Link DNS-323 without hacking the unit. For now I have to run a HTTP server like Wizd (Llink or Swisscenter) on my PC to get it to play ripped DVDs or ISO files off my NAS and PC. Another problem I have with these servers is that the menu and subtitles do not work on these units. This unit has a lot of potential but the firmware has a way to go. In my opinion, this is a device that is still under heavy development and not very user friendly. If others find a way to play ripped DVDs or ISOs and to get the menu or subtitles to work, I would be interested to know how you do it. It does play videos streamed directly from Internet like YouTube quite well.

2008-06-18, 04:06 PM
Not sure why the link/name of the store was removed.. perhaps you can tell us who the 'authorized retailers' are for Canada?
(its not listed on their site.)

2008-06-18, 10:32 PM
I found where it is sold in Canada but don't know if we are allowed to post it. It is available from a Canadian website that sells media players and cables.

2008-06-18, 11:00 PM