: Burn in bars on my HCL473W

2003-10-27, 02:58 PM
I purchased my first projection TV less than a year ago a 47" Samsung Tantus it came with Rogers HDTV promotion for one year. Most of the programing is 4:3 ratio. Since the HD terminal connects to componet 2, I was unable to stretch the programs to the full screen size(ie. had black bars on each side). I now have a burn in problem on each side of the screen, 2.5". Samsung said this not a warranty problem.
Is there anything I can do?
Will the burn in continue to get worst?
Why would Samsung and Roger combine these two products knowing many consumers are going to wreck their new TVs?
Is there any way to get Samsung to help me?

2003-10-27, 03:35 PM
You can try, but read the following thread.


Sorry, the URL in the post doesn't work any more. Basically it was about a person such as yourself who had burn line problems. They are not covered by warranty and most operating manuals tell you not to leave static images on your screen. You're probably out of luck unless the manufcturer or dealer takes pity on you.

The discussion in the rest of the thread is valid.