: New Customer: Current promos?

2008-05-08, 05:31 PM

Just wondering if there are any new customer promotions any knows about?


2008-05-09, 08:59 AM
There is the Shaw "bend over" promo!! lol

Seriously, they still have the Internet promo (new customers past 60 days) at $0.00 first month and $29.99 next six months witha free cable modem.

They still had the SATWINBACK (frequently a different name but I asked last Sunday) offer (new customers past 60 or 90 days depending on which CSR you talk to) at $0.00 for first month and regular price after that. You get one refurb HD-PVR and one DCT700 for free IF YOU trade in two satellite receivers (HD-PVR only if only one sat box).

They have their regular phone promos as well.

They are (apparently) instructed to NOT price match/promo existing customers who have offers from any competitor.

2008-05-12, 03:21 PM
I love the "over promotion"... gave me a good laugh.

2008-05-12, 11:40 PM
You can always call Shaw and ask. Tell them you are looking at your television provider options and want to know what they have as new subscriber offers. Hold out for as much as you can get. Be sure to know what other providers are offering and also mention the super discounted PVR in Winnipeg. That should get them offering up the most they can.

Good luck and let us know how you make out.