: Movies East (TMN) or SuperChannel?

2008-03-10, 09:53 AM
Hey guys,

I'm thinking about switching my packages around to lower my cost and get better TV. I was thinking of customizing my packages with what I want (which really only includes two packages, maybe three at most) and adding either Movies East or SuperChannel. I know the end price would be about the same +/- $15, but I figured that this way I would get more interesting TV (with HBO, Showtime and other good shows not available on network TV).

Now, my questions is which one is better, Movies East or SuperChannel? I don't really want to get both, so I would appreciate any feedback you may have. (and I also have HD, so feedback on the qualify of HD shows on those channels would be appreciated as well).


Ex Agent EV
2008-03-10, 10:03 AM
If you take less then 5 theme packs they cost 8$ each. If you take 2 themes it will cost you 16$, but if you take 5 you get a "packaged price" and it will cost you only 20$. If you take 3 theme packs it will cost you 24$ while 5 is only 20$

Movies East are 16$ if you have more then 6 theme packs, but if you have less then 6 they cost 19$

2008-03-10, 10:20 AM
TMN is the far better choice at this time

2008-03-10, 10:24 AM
Thanks for the tip. I guess I never saw it that way (about the theme packs). Okay, so then if I ignore the downgrading of theme packs and focus on the Movie channels, which one is better?

I am looking for HBO programming, Showtime programming and decent movies.

2008-03-10, 10:56 AM
The only one with rights to HBO and Showtime programming at the moment is TMN in the East and Movie Central in the West.

When long term contracts expire, this arrangement may change but for now your answer is TMN.

2008-04-03, 08:08 AM
For the last month maybe a bit longer i find tmn has really gone down hill.

2008-04-03, 08:14 AM
What does down hill mean?

HBO has been suffering significant audience erosion in the last year so I imagine TMN is suffering somewhat too. It seems the current crop of HBO shows has not got a strong following.

As far as movies go, it goes in cycles as hit movies come and go.

2008-04-03, 11:38 AM
I will put my two cents in here...

I have had TMN for years now and find it still to be the best value/package for premium content. By premium content I mean newer movies, HBO series etc. The PQ on the HD from BEV ranges from good (sometimes) to very good/excellent (most of the time). I am seeing less newer releases than I used to and the selection on the HD channels isn't always that stellar with less movies than they are showing on the SD channels repeated more often. This is one area they could do much better in (have more of the movies they are showing in SD available in HD).

One thing TMN is really good for is showing some great older stuff on their MPIX channels. They show some great older movies that haven't seen a DVD releases or has been out of print for a while. There is an example on my PVR right now that recently got a DVD release on the Forbidden Hollywood Collection Volume 2. I recorded this almost a year ago so I had access to a "forgotten" movie a lot earlier than if I waited for it to come on DVD.

Don't forget with the TMN package you get the super stations as well and if you have HD that means you will get WGN in HD and get Cubs games etc in HD!

Now for some feedback on "Superchannel". First the good... The PQ on their HD channels is absolutely stellar! It is right up there for me with the best of HD NET, Discovery HD etc. I have never failed to be impressed by the PQ on the channels. The bad... Simply a lack of content that appeals to me. They have a lot of quirky TV series which might/will be "the cat's meow" for some. For me I wanted the channels to augment my movie watching. For movies this channel pretty much sucks right now. The vasy majority of their content is "straight to DVD" sort of movies. Now, sometimes something will come on that fits your mood. The remake of Day Of The Dead is on there right now which was great for me as I love Zombie flicks. La Vie En Rose is also playing right now.

While I can find a dozen or more movies a month I want to see on the TMN package I have to really hunt to find 4 movies that I want to watch on Superchannel. One thing Superchannel does have that is kind of cool are concerts. I have PVR's concerts from Asia, Maroon 5, Crowded House etc and these are pretty enjoyable.

Trouble is that for $8 that I have been paying I am on the threshold for whether to keep the station or not. My intro offer is ending and I will be paying $13/month. At present there is no way I can justify $13/month for this content.

So, in an either/or scenario TMN wins this bout easily. The superstations often have interesting things to watch and being able to have WGN in HD is killer! MPIX has lots of really cool older flicks if that is something you like (Superchannel has almost no older flicks by way of comparison). While newer stuff is not as prevalent as it used to be on TMN it is still pretty good.

Frankly it is almost no contest for me in a either/or scenario. I hope that this helped..

Incidently apparently Superchannel recently snagged another studio (I can't remember which one) so in a few months if newer movies come in from this studio my evaluation may no longer be valid. At present though I stand by my opinion.

2008-04-04, 08:45 AM
TMN is way better than SuperChannel.

2008-04-05, 07:52 PM
SuperChannel has made a deal with FOX. This will add some relatively good movies to their schedule.

I wish there was a better deal for buying both SuperChannel and TMN. With StarChoice TMN is $13.00 when added onto Ultimate Plus. I'd assume that when they launch SuperChannel they too will probably charge around $12-$13/month. $26/month for movie channels is not worth it IMO (At least not Canadian movie channels).