: Best $1k projector?

2008-02-07, 02:42 PM
I am on the market for my 1st projector. I just finished my basement 8' ceilings and i am trying to decide between the benq w500 from tigerdirect. Or this package off ebay.

Has anyone ordered from bysafeusa on ebay?

I emailed them and they informed me that it comes with an ELITE screen. I found this hard to believe since the elite screens seem to cost in excess of $300.

And the same old question; Benq W500 LCD or Benq Pe 7700 DLP? Or the Sony bravia w10?

I have not heard much about the pe7700 but the specs are fairly close to that of the W500.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!


2008-02-08, 11:24 AM
Costco also have it available online bit cheaper than Tigerdirect. There are many online Forums and reviews on Benq W500. You can get more details from there. From what i have read and heard, W500 is an great projector. No one is really having any issues compared to Panasonic or many other companies. Sony on the other hand is a dim projector. So if you are planning to use it for a screen over 100', it's not recommended plus you have to have completely dark room for it. I would personally go with Benq. It is very bright, have HQV processor and 6th generation LCD panel. All the reviews are positive. PE 7700 is an older model and has lower specs than the W500. I'm ordering W500 as well next month once my room is complete. I bought a 106" Fixed Frame 1.2 Gain white screen from eastporters.

2008-02-09, 01:46 AM
I picked up the w500 from costco in oct,shipping is included in the price and if you don't like it there is no hassle to bring it back.HQV even makes sd look good you can read more @ avs forums.So far I'm very happy with it.