: Aquos LC42D72U questions - 1080P via CV?

2008-02-03, 07:24 PM
I'd like to know if this HDTV does 1080p via componant, and also do you have a list of tv's who does


2008-02-03, 11:21 PM
Many TVs limit the component video input to 1080i, this is not a limitation of the cable itself, however, it's a limitation of the TV. I believe you'll also find that there are basically very few sources of 1080P that will send 1080P via component video - for example, HD-DVD players, so since there's no source, then there's not much point in being able to accept.

2008-02-12, 12:06 AM
I have this exact set and receive 1080p output through XBox360+component connections.