: Acer AT3720A humming noise from speakers

Kimbo Slice
2008-01-31, 05:32 PM
I just purchased the Acer AT3720A from Canada Computers yesterday and realized that there is a humming sound coming from the speakers even though there is nothing connected to the audio inputs. Is there a way to disable the audio output completely so that there is no noise floor whatsoever? I am in the GTA.

Also, there is a slight brightness (very small area surface of overall screen) in the top right hand corner of the tv on black scenes. i can see it a mile away obviously cuz i know it's there. i asked my girlfriend and she said she could somewhat see it but minimally noticable. will this go away with time or should i exchange like i have planned to do?

BTW the tv is great quality and i bought it at an incredible cash promotion price. as a student i am getting a great value for it but want it to be without these annoyances.

thanks in advance

2008-01-31, 05:54 PM
Have you done a proper setup of the TV? That may help with the brightness - along with a proper adjustment of the backlight


Are you sure the humming is from the speakers? Sometimes these units have a light buzz/hum. Some TVs have an option in the user menu (usually under audio) to turn off the internal speakers.

Please also see the following post - useful for newbies to the forum:


Kimbo Slice
2008-01-31, 06:52 PM
thanks 57. thing is i'm not what most would call a noobie and understand the concept of lcd backlight hum. however, this model doesn't have a speaker disable function after having checked the menu and was wondering if there was anything to do to get rid of the electronic interference/groud loop that is transmitted via the speakers. it is most definitely coming from the speakers.

i don't plan on ever using them as i do not watch tv and have a 5.1 system to route my audio through. the only option is to disconnect the wires to the speakers by removing the back panel which is not something i am willing to take on due to the warranty void/safety issues.

looks like i might have to live with the hum if there is no other alternative...

Kimbo Slice
2008-02-04, 08:29 PM
UPDATE: returned the Acer and got a Sharp lc-37sh12u. couldn't be happier and the picture quality is amazing! i don't watch tv so the banding issues i heard of the sharp models were a non-issue for me. i'm glad i can share the wealth of information here on DHC. thanks guys!