: Little help on a 50"-52" TV

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2008-01-28, 10:46 AM
I really want to get a 50" or 52" TV and really don't care if its LCD or Plasma as they are both great with their positives and negatives. I have 2800cdn dollars store credit and looking to buy something in that range if another 200 dollars has to be spent then I'm all for it.
Anyone have suggestions or recommendations?

2008-01-28, 12:00 PM
Iv decided to take the plasma route and really looking at the panasonic models.
Now theres so many different models. x75, z77, 700, 750 and then 800 this april. Now im sticking with my 2600cdn plus tax price range. Any advice on should i wait for the 800 so prices will drop on old ones?
Is the 700 that much better then the z77?

2008-01-29, 12:10 AM
Good luck with a PZ77. There isn't too many around. Now that the new models are coming out ( Panasonic) they have slashed the prices on the 77's.

2008-01-29, 12:36 AM
You need to make up your mind if this is a deals thread or a discussion thread. Pricing is not allowed in the discussion thread, but you seem to be discussing mostly Panasonic plasmas and features, so I'm moving this thread there.

Once you decide on a model, you can probably find a deals thread on it, or start one.

There are also a fair number of threads already discussing many of the models you've mentioned - suggest you read them and post in them.

2008-01-29, 10:51 PM
Take a look at the Samsung FP-T5084. Long story short, I was originally looking at the Panasonic TH50PZ700 & 750, ended up getting the Samsung instead. Couldn't be happier with the switch.

2008-01-29, 11:36 PM
There are a couple of things I don't like about the Samsung Plasmas.

1. They don't have a non-linear stretch mode (like JUST on the Panasonic)

2. They don't allow for 480i input signals via HDMI - for many a non-issue.

Just an FYI.

2008-01-30, 12:16 PM
Thanks cdn_tbird. Really nice looking plasma.
I think this jumped over the z77 pany right now but im waiting on the z80 model which is comping out very soon.
If the z80 doesnt come out in next 2 months then ill really consider the samsaung one.

2008-01-30, 02:24 PM
57's post above with regards to HDMI and Panasonic "Just" mode are important considerations. I basically didnt know about those 2 items prior to me buying my Panny but I know from my perspective if I was looking at the 2 and someone explained those 2 differences I would totally disregard the Samsung on that alone. The ability to have that "Just" stretch mode really helps when you want to fill the 4:3 aspect of the screen to avoid burn in. "Just" performs a stretch with less to no stretch in the middle of the screen and gradually does a bit more as you go further out to the sides. Your eyes make the adjustment much better to this than say a traditional stretch mode and makes watching SD channels more tolerable within a couple of days of getting used to it.
HDMI at 480p doesnt seem to be much of an issue as 57 says but I think you would have to adopt more cables to account for that format then and Id rather have less than more of a "rats nest" of cables behind my tv.

I'm really enjoying my pz77 Panny especially after using 57's setup service and would never look back.

2008-01-30, 04:33 PM
I just went to the brick only to see all these models even the samy.
I thought the panasonics looked better picture wise and exterior shell.
The 700 looked the best out of all of them with really good detail and color over the z77 but overall great tvs. I hope the z80 comes out really soon as I want that one or im gonna end up getting the z77 or 700.

2008-01-30, 05:21 PM
Keep in mind if you wait for the z80, Panasonic will charge a premium for the newer model, atleast for a couple of months anyways, before they start to drop the prices on the new models again.

2008-01-30, 05:31 PM
I'm EXTREMELY happy with my new Samsung FP-T5084. I've had it for about a month now.

2008-01-30, 09:20 PM
Well i heard that too but the z77 goes for 2500 dollers 3 grand is sorta my budget (after tax) So as long as its not that much more ill have no problem.
If its more then 300 dollers more then that would suck.

2008-01-30, 10:58 PM
There are a couple of things I don't like about the Samsung Plasmas.

1. They don't have a non-linear stretch mode (like JUST on the Panasonic)

2. They don't allow for 480i input signals via HDMI - for many a non-issue.

Just an FYI.
Yes, I knew about those two issues, but for me they were minor issues. The "just" stretch might have been nice, but for the amount of SD programming I watch it isn't a big deal. The only 480i source I have left is an old JVC SVHS VCR that refuses to die, and it's wired to my Yamaha A/V receiver.

2008-01-30, 11:39 PM
With your budget you can have a Pioneer 5080 - does the store you have credit with carries Pioneers?

2008-01-31, 12:16 AM
57 I am also thinking of the Sammy 5084 and the Pioneer 5080 as a upgrade to my 42 , the lack of stretch, I do not think it is a major issue, I use my Bev 9242 to do the aspect. For HD I set it to normal, and then for the SD channels I set it to partial zoom and it fills the screen. Hmmmm as I write this the question that comes to mind if it is a HD channel that is not showing a HD programing, is that where the Panny does a better job?

2008-01-31, 12:23 AM
If you're on BEV, then having the STB do a partial zoom makes the lack of a non-linear stretch pretty well moot.

I don't recommend people stretch upconverted SD on an HD channel because then people tend to forget to unstretch when they switch to a true HD programme and miss 33% of the programme.

I don't think people watch enough SD on HD to make it a burn in concern. Also, some HDTVs cannot stretch HD input signals - make and model specific.

2008-01-31, 11:20 AM
Yea but that pioneer isn't 1080p.
I know the picture is amazing on those pioneer even with no 1080p but I really all I do with my tv is play xbox 360 elite and watch HD movies. Rarely watch tv on it.

Plus you think it will be still better then the z80 when it comes out?

2008-01-31, 09:12 PM
If you're on BEV, then having the STB do a partial zoom makes the lack of a non-linear stretch pretty well moot. Thanks 57 pretty much what I thought, now I have to make the decision on the Sammy vs Pioneer. Alas the 768p vs 1080p has me perplexed. The Pioneer hands down is one great set, from different reviews it is the clear winner. Will I short change myself if I get the 768p panel? Any thoughts on this would be appreciated! Anyways I digress as this is not my thread, I apologize if I over stepped my bounds.

2008-01-31, 10:56 PM
[CaM]Spoon & Silversage,
At the end of the day, it utilmately boils down to your own gut feelings. The most technically perfect TV is the worst TV if it doesn't grab you and knock your socks off. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of value in doing the research and seeing what the experts think, and everyone else's opinion but it's your eyes that have to be the happiest with your choice. As for playing the waiting game, there will always be something coming that is better than what is available today, and when it arrives you can bet you won't want "last year's technology" no matter how good it used to be.

2008-02-01, 12:06 AM
Thanks 57 pretty much what I thought,Provided you stay with BEV for as long as you have the TV. ;)