: Win 2k generates explorer.exe error when playing licensed wma files

2008-01-27, 10:43 AM
Hi All,

I hope that someone can help me with this problem. Yesterday my PC running win2K Pro started giving me the "explorere.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows" error when trying to play licensed wma files that I downloaded from Puretracks about one year ago, no other media types are affected. The error appears when trying to play them in Media Player or even if I click on the file in the file folder where they are stored. I don't even get an option to update the user license. I've run Spybot S&D to check for spyware, done a full HD virus scan defragged my drive and even checked for Media Player updates to no avail. Any guesses?

Thanks In Advance,


2008-03-28, 02:25 PM
Finally fixed this issue, it took some time, research, patience and a suggestion from Puretracks that led me to correcting the problem. The issue was a result of a corruption of the wmxcore.dll located in the windowns\system & windows system32 folders which is associated Windows Media Player and required to play DRM (digtal rights media). An attempt to simply replace this file was not successful because it is constantly in use (pop up in windows indicated this) even though WMP is not running. So here is what needed to be done:

1. My DRM folder needed to be renamed and replaced with new licences
2. Did a hard drive search and luckily found a backed up copy of an older wmxcore.dll and copied it into a temp folder
3. I uninstalled WMP and reverted back to the original version that was installed with the OS
4. Deleted the corrupt .dll files
5. Downloaded and installed the most current version of WMP for my OS
6. Copied the replacement wmxcore.dll file into the appropriate folders
7. Downloaded any important patches or updates for WMP and rebooted
8. Crossed my fingers and opened a licensed wma file and VIOLA!

As an FYI to anyone who may also encounter this problem, simply re-installing WMP over the existing program will not correct the problem ... at least it didn't for me.