: Panasonic TH42PZ77 vs Samsung LNT4061F

2008-01-27, 05:21 AM
i am torn between the 2. i know the differences between the two. i just want to know which is best overall. i mostly will be using standard cable for now and a ps3. i want smooth picture quality for the blue ray movies and nice details.

to me the panny seems like a good deal because it is a quality image, crisp colors and great details. plasma response time is fast and i dont have to worry about 60/120hz. but the burn in with the ps3 is holding me back. does this "pixel wobble" thing help prevent burn and help give a longer life time? and how realistic are people about burn in time? 5mins? 20mins? 1hour? 3 hours? for example i watch tons of soccer and score board is constant for 45-50 mins.will that be ok? or too much? and obviously the video games obviously have static parts? will it be that much of a matter? i know there is amazing picture quality and pictures seem smooth and clear and crisp. a little dark but it could be the settings at the store. obviously everything requires tinkering. and also there is initial break in period. is there even more vulnerability for burn in then?

the samsung seems flawless and is amazing. but i heard that that the blacks and whites are a little exaggerated to give better visuals, therefore lack a little detail. everything about samsung seems awesome to me. i just wondering first of all is 60/120hz that big of a deal? is it worth waiting for the price of the 120hz to fall when im already making such a big investment? will they fall to around the 1500 range sometime soon? or is the 4061 good enough and will i be happy with it? i've also heard some good stuff about sony kds 40v3000. better processing and higher contrast ratio. but i noticed some ghosting/fogging. so wasnt too keen on it.

now the question which is better the panny or the samsung for my situation? panny plasma is great for everything, just burn in issue i think. samsung just awesome, a little exaggerated colors therefore a little lack in details, and only 60hz. is the panny worth the little extra cash?

2008-01-27, 10:30 AM
Please see the following post and thread on burn in.



Please see the following thread, useful for newbies to the forum


It seems you have changed your mind in the past few days. ;)


I see you were looking at the Sony "V3000". I've also been considering that unit and will likely purchase it in a month or two, when the price is right and I will have a home for my current 27" SD CRT, which is going elsewhere.

2008-01-27, 12:10 PM
A/V Master 57 has provided you with good and detailed guidelines, I shall supplement with your specifics.

1. Modern plasmas, and par your intended Panasonic model, handle burn-in issues sensibly.
2. 120Hz is not of a big deal for your situation. If you think you like to wait for the price to fall, it is not so much waiting for 120Hz, but for the better models SONY XBR4 and Samsung 71, 81 series. However, there is always something newer with some newer technical features. There is already the XBR5. One point or another you hop in.
3. You won't be happy with the 61, when besides HD you want to play your regular DVDs (although upscaling helps) and watch SD channels.
4. If burn-in is your most concerned agenda, have you considered the Samsung equivalent 4264/4254 plasma? Samsung has this burn-in wipe-out feature. Samsung plasmas have own drawbacks - this is from Master 57.

2008-01-27, 07:00 PM
Why won't he be happy with the Samsung 4061? Personal experience? Please provide more details?

2008-01-27, 09:42 PM
why wouldnt i be happy with the samsung 61? please elaborate..

the guy at best buy told me that plasmas dont use 60/120hz measurement. he then said but when compared the plasmas outperform the 120hz lcd tvs. is this true? are plasmas better than 120hz? how do you compare?i see the difference between 60/120hz, but is there one between a plasma and 120hz?

also for my burn in issue. i watch a lot of soccer and play a lot of soccer on my ps3. lots of green grass is shown. i watch soccer 1-2games a day 2-3 times a week atleast, all year long. i know there is movement and screen changes, but there is an overwhelming amount of time the green grass will be shown on the screen. also static scoreboards and clocks that dont move for 45-50 mins at a time. even when there is scene changes the score is still there. for example setanta channel. static images and symbols. LOTs of soccer on that channel, my favorite channel. i also play soccer on my ps3 1 hour or so a day almost everyday. will this exhorbent amount of green on thne screen have a slight burn in effect of sort of 1 year or 2? or am i just over paranoid?

also costis an issue. im trying to keep budget of tv cost under 1500 so with warranty/taxes the cost will be 2g's still. if i had the money i would spend extra 500 for samsung 120hz or better plasma. but if the plasma is better than 120hz, and the burn in should not be as much of a concern as i am thinking then the panny plasma sounds like a good deal for its price of under 1600.

2008-01-28, 07:23 AM
The guy at BB led you to nowhere. Putting that aside, originally I meant "you won't be happy" in the context that when Samsung 71/81 series fall in prices and you might go "Oh I bought the 61 series at this price in Jan and I can get a 71/81." And LCDs in general are not as strong in SD display.

Now that you mention you are a heavy soccer TV/game fan: 15 minutes in the store watching the HD LCDs showing autumn fall leaves and river streams may impress you, but in soccer games, you will find that the LCD screen is not catching with the camera movement, the players' movements and actions.

I guess the other option you have is try to locate the older model SONY 34" 1080i CRTs with HDMI - you can play games and watch soccer programs without worrying burn in, with HDMI you can play regular DVD with or without upscaling, and Blu-Rays too. They weigh 200 pounds though.

2008-01-28, 07:22 PM
well that is obvious..but i cant wait forever..new **** out every day.i just wanna buy something that will be good enough and has the bes features for the next 3 years or so

but these still dont help me with my burn in questions regarding the plasma related to the soccer watching/playing and greenery etc..

2008-01-28, 07:26 PM
also doesnt solve my questions regarding 120hz compared to plasma.

2008-01-28, 11:50 PM
Your burn in questions are answered in the first 2 links of post 2, especially the first one. I have no idea what more you need than that. There are no "guarantees" on this topic, there is only proper setup and appropriate viewing habits, which can be quite lax, provided you vary your viewing.

If you wish to discuss burn in further, do so in the second link of post 2, after having read the thread. That is the place to discuss burn in.

2008-01-29, 08:37 AM
Hey Coolie,
If OP is comparing two TV's obviously he's ready/needs to buy now, why would you recommend him to wait? Obviously with any technology it always gets better, and prices will continiue to drop. We all know that.
Your recommending him to look at 34" CRT HDTV?:confused: Name me a store that sells 34" CRT HDTV's?

Hey OP,
Just have the store put both TV's side by side pick the one you like best and don't look back. I'm sure you've heard it before but I'll say it again both are good sets I don't think you can go wrong!;)

2008-01-29, 10:39 AM
Hi iamkalive, I have the TH50PZ77 (same model as the Panny you are looking at) connected to a SA8300HD (Videotron) and a PS3 for HD movies and games, basically a setup very close to what you are looking for. I have not seen issues with image retention and the image quality is amazing with very good blacks and natural colors. I'm carefull not to leave fix images over long period of time (hours), but not paranoid about it. I've played Call of Duty 4 in a few nights, with no problem.

Plasma is not worst then CRT for image retention, so if you were watching games on the old tube and never noticed problems chances are you will not with plasma. Of course if you set the TV to CNN for days in a row without shuting it down (airport monitors. still..) then LCD might be a better choice.

the hawk
2008-01-30, 01:01 AM
also doesnt solve my questions regarding 120hz compared to plasma.
120hz is a technology being used in LCD sets to combat motion blur.....a common problem with all LCD sets when watching content with fast moving images with sports like soccer, hockey, etc. It basically works like this from most manufacturers:

120Hz motion compensation technology creates 60 unique frames between each of the existing 60 frames, doubling the frames displayed per second to eliminate motion blur.

It works pretty good but it doesn't totally eliminate it.

Plasma on the other hand doesn't have 120hz because it doesn't need it because Plasma panels have such a rapid response rate they doesn't suffer from motion blur at all.

As for which TV......I'd take the Panny over the Sammy in a heartbeat.

2008-01-30, 01:19 PM
We have an LCD vs Plasma thread that discusses these issues so I am closing.